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Monday, September 24, 2012

FRSFreeState: VOA: Presidential Debates Meant to Persuade Undecided Voters: The Last Opportunity to Convince Undecideds

As long as Presidential Campaigns are in America and they really are about two years, for someone to be. A serious Presidential Candidate, they have to have a pretty good idea if they are going to run for President or not, by the end of the Mid Term elections, because once the new Congress is sworn in. Thats when the Exploratory Committees need to be formed, to get an idea of what a potential Presidential Candidate is going to have to put together, to run an effective Presidential Campaign. What kind of organization they are going to need, start putting together a staff, message, layout policies, if they are currently in office and up for reelection during that Mid Term. Should they bother to run for reelection or not run for reelection and concentrate on running on running for President full time, unless they are the Incumbent President or Vice President. All of these decisions need to be made about 2-3 years in advance and even with all of that, Presidential Candidates only get about 2-3 opportunities to tell undecided voters why they should. Be President of the United States, unless they have a very effective Advertising Campaign, where they are in the commercials and even doing infomercials.

Winning primaries and campaigning in those States, especially swing States, give Presidential Candidates. An opportunity to connect with Independents, the conventions obviously are still important and watched, give Presidential Nominees an opportunity to introduce themselves to. Voters and for the Incumbent President up for reelection, an opportunity to layout what they plan to do in the next four years and why they should be reelected but the debates are the closing argument. All three of them are important, really the last opportunities for the President and his opponent to explain why voters should for for them, instead of the President or. Opponent and in a lot of cases this is how tight Presidential Elections are won and lost, 1976, 1980, 1992 and 2008 are excellent examples of that, where a Presidential Candidate can close. The deal and win the election or even lose it.

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