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Thursday, September 6, 2012

President Barack Obama: 'Vice President Joe Biden's Remarks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention'

Source:President Barack Obama- Vice President Joe Biden: speaking at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, in Charlotte, North Carolina.
From President Barack Obama

What Vice President Joe Biden did tonight was give Americans a better idea of who he is and where he comes from. And why he connects so well with middle class Americans, because of who he is and where he comes from, because that's where he comes from, that's what he's been part of most if not his entire life. You can even make a case that as a young that Joe Biden came from a low-income family, with his father having to leave him with the rest of his kids in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While his father left for Delaware to find better work which is what he did and how Joe Biden got to Delaware.

Vice President Biden deserves to be Vice President of the United States, despite his bad habit of speaking his mind, which yes in politics can be a bad habit. And why the Vice President will be such a huge asset for the President in Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and even Indiana. If the Obama/Biden Campaign decides to make a play there, which is a possibility especially if they hold their lead in Ohio, where they are still leading.Vice President Biden not only did the job of laying out why the Obama/Biden Administration is good for the middle class and what kind of President his only boss is.

What the Vice President did tonight was to lay out what the situation was when he and the President came to office in January, 2009, what they were up against and how they went about addressing the issues they faced, with both the banking and auto industries collapsing and what they had to do to save those industries that are so vital to the economy. Which without we would be another 1-2M jobs in the hole.

And what they had to do stop the fall of the Great Recession, to buy the country some time so they could move towards an economic recovery. And what they did working with Congress, to not only put a floor on the Great Recession and how to get the economy going again with economic and job growth which is what the 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Act was about, where they got almost no help from Congressional Republicans to pass. Just three Northeastern Republican Senators voted for it.

The Vice President laid out how he and the President went about making the decisions to deal with the problems they faced. And how President Obama went about making the decisions that he did and how we are better off economically but of course not where we want to be. And why had we did what Mitt Romney was calling for us to do back then, which is let the auto industry go under and what they would do now.

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