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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Mitt Romney Talks Foreign Aid at Clinton Conference: What Foreign Aid Should Be For

Foreign Aid should be an investment that the United States makes to see that third World countries. Don't go under so to speak, that encourages them to develop their economies and so they can have a government that can govern their country, not rule over its people like Authoritarians but govern. Its country, Foreign Aid should be an investment not a gift on our part, they get money to help them survive, while they are building up their country to become less dependent on Foreign Aid and even Self Sufficient. What we get in return is a Trading Partner and as these economies develop, more customers to buy our products and ally we can rely on when it comes to Foreign Policy. In a perfect World, we would only invest in countries that are Democracies or countries that are becoming Democracies, rather then investing in Authoritarian States, that just takes our money. And uses it to keep the current regime in power so they can rule over its people, the common wisdom use to be, that we had to invest in Authoritarian States in the Middle East, to keep these. Authoritarian Regimes in power, because we would dislike what came after it even more but as it turns out we've paid a price for that thinking. Because the people in these countries who would like freedom, see right through that and say America is not on our side, they are with the dictators and we pay a price for that.

For example investing in Israel and Turkey have been good investments, why both countries are Middle Eastern allies. Both countries are Democracies, both countries can defend themselves very well and don't have to worry about another country in the area attacking them or invading them. Israel has used some of our money to develop a developed economy that buys our goods and products, Turkey is moving towards becoming a developed economy as well and one of the wealthiest. Nations in the Middle East, Egypt as it turns out not such a great investment, they've been helpful in the sense when it comes to terrorism and other Foreign Policy matters. Like leaving Israel alone and even have a diplomatic relationship with them but haven't used the money to develop the economy, a large country that also has 80M people with a working class and an educated class. Yet they were a third World country fifty years ago and still are today and haven't really moved the ball at all to becoming a developed economy and not quite a Democracy yet.

Foreign Aid is a good thing if we invest in countries that have similar goals and ideals, not that we agree on everything. But that we both believe in Democracy and progress, that the people should have a large say in how they live their lives, whether they are Social Democracies. Like in Europe or a Liberal Democracy like America but that they believe in Individual Freedom, Human Rights and Civil Liberties and are against Authoritarianism.

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