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Sunday, September 23, 2012

FRSFreeState: ABC News: This Week: Reince Priebus, David Axelrod Comment on Mitt Romney's 'Defining Week'

Last week I believe will end up be the defining moments of this Presidential Election. Where it goes from being a nail biting contest to a landslide at least electorally and less there are some big. Moments in the debates, where Mitt Romney makes some big splash in them and turns the election around, similar to John Kerry back in 2004, where he entered the first debate down 8-10 points. But then clearly wins the first debate and leaves it tied or even with a small lead over President Bush, unless something like that happens and Barack Obama is a very good debater as we saw four years ago. So the chances of that aren't very good and he'll enter that debate well prepared, because I believe he'll have a very good opportunity to close the deal on his reelection in the. First debate, similar to President Clinton in 1996 against Bob Dole and an opportunity that President Bush blew in 2004, unless there's something horrible in the news that makes President Obama. Look bad and his poll numbers drop from now until Election day, this last week will be the week that made a nail biting election into a landslide at least electorally. Similar to how the debates of 1980 took an essentially tied Presidential Election between Ron Reagan and President Carter and turned it into a blow out for Reagan.

Again unless there's something in the news that dramatically changes this Presidential Election in. In favor of Mitt Romney that drops President Obama's Approval Rating, he's currently at 50% and if that were to go down to 45 or under, some crisis that makes President Obama look real bad. Some disaster in the Middle East, where lots of Americans are killed or something, you know a jobs report that sees us actually lose jobs instead of gain them, we've gained jobs for thirty straight months now. Mitt Romney has a great first debate and the President looks bad, the week of September 17-21, will be the week that takes a very close election and makes it a blow out. Where not only President Obama is not only reelected, Democrats retain the Senate and now the House is in play as well, where Democrats have a realistic chance of winning back the House. And all of this will be credited to Mitt Romney's awful week.

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