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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AP: President Obama Warns Iran on Nukes

I don't believe letting the Islamic Republic of Iran, a fundamentalist Islamic Theocracy, thats living in the stone age. As far what it believes when it comes to Human Rights and Civil Liberties and the fact they are willing to spread this far right ideology around the World, through Terrorist Organizations. Is acceptable and we should do everything we can as a country, short of going to war with this large country of 75M people. A war with Iran even through a coalition, which will never happen, where we were to invade it, knockout the government, so we can knockout their. WMD but here's the kicker even if we are successful there, we are talking about ground troops, of at least 500K people, Iran is the size of Saudi Arabia and Libya physically, with 75M people. If we were to invade this country, we would be obligated to occupy it, until a new government is formed and ready to govern the country, so a war with Iran is also completely unacceptable. So what we need to do is prevent them from getting Nuclear Weapons, short of invading the country, which would require a coalition and perhaps air strikes.

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