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Sunday, September 23, 2012

ABC News: This Week: Ann Coulter Comments on Racial Politics in America

Here's an example of why Ann Coulter is one of the Democratic Party's biggest, easiest and favorite punching bags. Because when she says something, Democrats fundraising numbers always go up. Her attitude of towards anyone in the country thats not like her and people like her and I'm not talking racially purely, basically any American that doesn't have her very narrow Neoconservative. Mindset of what it means to be an American, they don't sound like us, they don't look like us, they speak a different language, they listen to different music, their politics are different and so fourth. Its this whole divide and conquer, us against them mentality, you are either with us, meaning people who think and look at the World the way she and allies do, then you are really not one of us. Or you are against us and you are really not an American and you don't deserve to be treated like an American, meaning Civil Rights mean nothing and people like Ann Coulter deserve to discriminate against you. Simply because they don't like you, thats the State of the Far Right in America and why the GOP has to move away from them, to be viable in the future. Because they are shrinking in numbers as we move forward as a country.

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