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Sunday, September 30, 2012

AP: One Soldier's Tale: 2,000 Dead in Afghanistan

Just more evidence that its time to get the hell out of Afghanistan

ABC News: Good Morning America: Brian Ross: TSA's Embarrassing Week: Two Loaded Guns Go Undetected

TSA is suppose to protect Americans from terrorists, not try to protect us from ourselves or protect terrorists by not doing their jobs.

The Hill: Rick Santorum Plants Seed For Possible 2016 White House Candidacy

Santorum plants seed for possible 2016 White House candidacy - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Senator Santorum can start planning now for a Presidential run in 2016, because Mitt Romney is probably going to lose.

Floyd Webb: Malcolm X- On The Chicago City Desk in 1963

Source: Floyd Webb-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

This was an interesting interview, because a group of Chicago and national journalists, who were interviewing Malcolm X.  Because Malcolm X a clear revolutionary leader for African-Americans. Calling for their independence from public assistance and America as a whole. That Africans in America should no longer tolerate bigotry, poverty and anything else that's holding down Africans in America. That they should no longer tolerate these conditions and that they should stand up and fight back against the establishment that they saw as the problem that was holding them down.

And that African-Americans need to grab their constitutional rights and no longer taken them for granted and expect other Americans to enforce them for them. Because in the early 1960s, African-Americans, weren't getting their constitutional rights enforced equally as Caucasian-Americans. And Malcolm X was being interviewed by clear establishment figures, people from the so-called mainstream media, from Chicago, as well as NBC News in this interview. So you had a rebel being interviewed by establishment figures in this interview.

I love Minister Malcolm's point about the names and the turn Negro. With African slaves being given European and in most cases Anglo-Saxon names. And not just being kidnapped and taken from their homes in Africa, but also getting their culture, history and even their names being stripped from them. Living in America as full-blooded Africans, but having to carry names like Joe Smith and Tom Johnson, even though their family originally had a Bantu, or Zulu first and last name. Depending on what part of Africa that they came from and their ethnic background. I just don't think these men were prepared to question someone with the intelligence and knowledge of history that Malcolm X was.
Floyd Webb: Malcolm X- On Chicago City Desk

Saturday, September 29, 2012

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy-CBS News: Walter Cronkite's Interview of President Kennedy, September 2nd, 1963

Source: CBS News- President John F. Kennedy-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

In September, 1963, CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite sat down with President Jack Kennedy and interviewed him up in Massachusetts. To talk about the issues he was dealing with. Jack Kennedy, knew the power of TV about as well, or better than anyone in the 1960s and even 1950s. So he probably wanted to do this type of interview and to layout for the country what he was working on and wanted to accomplish. This interview happened fourteen months before the 1964 presidential election. And just a little over two months before he was assassinated and in late 1963.

President Kennedy, had an economy that was weakening and was trying to get a jobs plan through Congress. That included a large tax cut that cut taxes across the board. Including bringing the top rate down from 90 to 70% and the bottom rate from 25 to 20%. And this economic plan contributed to creating the economic boom of the 1960s. President Kennedy was also dealing with civil rights and making sure that Federal Court orders were being carried out. And that African-American students were able to go to once segregated schools and so-forth.

And this is the time that President Kennedy came out strongly in favor of civil rights and introduced a civil rights bill to Congress. And of course President Kennedy was also dealing with the United States early involvement in the Vietnam Civil War as well. President Kennedy, had a lot on his plate to deal with in 1963 and it would’ve been nice to see him at least try accomplish all the things that he wanted to do to deal with these issues. A lot of what President Lyndon Johnson got passed in Congress was finishing off the agenda that President Kennedy put forward and sent to Congress. But was unable to get through the House and Senate.
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy-CBS News: Walter Cronkite's Interview of President John F. Kennedy

ABC News: Good Morning America- Bianna Goldryga: 'Mitt Romney vs. President Obama: Preparation, Strategy and Countdown to the 2012 Election'

Source:ABC News- Mitt vs. Barry in 2012
"David Kerley, Matt Dowd analyze importance of the first presidential debate."

Source:ABC News: Good Morning America- Bianna Goldryga: 'Mitt Romney vs. President Obama: Preparation, Strategy and Countdown to the 2012 Election'

The first presidential debate should be looked at like a championship fight for President Obama and Mitt Romney: where the President is the current champion and a tie goes to the champion. So what Mitt has to do is win the first debate and to look like he's one. If the debate is a tie or President Obama comes out as the clear winner, this election will remain a 5-7 lead for President Obama. With the President leading in most if not all of the battleground states or his lead will get even bigger and might close the sale for this election and open up a lead that Mitt can't come back from.

AP: Today in History for September 29th: The Munich Pact

How clueless Europe was about Adolph Hitler and the German Nazis

The Hill: Democrats lay Out Second-Term Wish List For President Obama

Democrats lay out second-term wish list for President Obama - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Jobs, Immigration and Deficit Reduction, would be my top three, which are all doable in one Congress

Friday, September 28, 2012

AP: Mitt Romney: 'I Don't Want to Raise Taxes': Actually Mitt Raises Taxes by 200B$

Again Mitt Romney back on that same line that President Obama wants to cut and weaken defense, trying. To put the sequester on him, perhaps not realizing that the President of the United States is not a dictator and we don't have a Parliamentary Government, where the Prime Minister and sometimes. President essentially gets whatever they want when it comes to the Federal Budget, President Obama can't pass a Federal Budget or Debt Ceiling Extension on his own, Congress passed the. Sequester in August, 2011 and the President signed it into law, thats how Divided Government good or bad works and he negotiated this through a Republican House and a Democratic Senate, not just. A Divided Government but a Divided Congress but the thing that struck me as odd about this, was that Mitt was telling that falsehood, lie really to be straight about it, he knows better or at. Least should know better, since he's running for President of the United States, is that he was saying this thing again, in front of a military audience, that knows what the sequester is about. And how it came into law, you are not going to win a lot of votes in the military, when you consistently say things, that they know are not true.

As far as the Tax Hikes, Mitt Romney unless he's already removed it because of how unpopular it is. Has a 200B$ Tax Hike in his economic plan, 200B$ that was part of the 2009 American Recovery Act, taken out of the economy and put into the hands of the Federal Government, Federal Employees, that. Mitt puts down, thats just a fact, the same thing that House Republicans did when they passed their extension of the Bush Tax Cuts back in August, so when he gets on President Obama for wanting. To raise taxes, he's not mentioning that so would he, if he ever became President, its like healthcare, accusing someone of doing the same thing that you did, pure hypocrisy.

The New Republic: Mitt Romney Rediscovers Romneycare, Hopes People Don’t Notice He Wants To Repeal The National Equivalent

Romney Rediscovers Romneycare, Hopes People Don’t Notice He Wants To Repeal The National Equivalent | The New Republic

In an election where the incumbent President is known for passing a very unpopular healthcare bill, his opponent can't use that against him. Because he passed basically the same thing when he was Governor, its just another example of how bad of a nominee Mitt Romney has been for the GOP.

ABC News: The Blotter: Brian Ross: Rental Car Companies Pledge Not to Rent Recalled Cars

Rental Car Companies Pledge Not to Rent Recalled Cars - ABC News

They pledge not to rent recalled cars but aren't required

USA Today: Anti-Islamic Filmmaker Held For Probation Violation

Anti-Islamic filmmaker held for probation violation

At least he wasn't arrested for making a bad insulting movie, which would've been Unconstitutional

The Hill: Rep. Xavier Becerra: Offset Sequester by Getting Other Countries to Share Military Costs

Becerra: Offset sequester by getting other countries to share military costs - The Hill's Floor Action

This is the best idea I've heard all week, at least coming out of Congress

Thursday, September 27, 2012

AP: Mitt Romney: "President Obama Cutting Military Commitment": What The President is Actually Doing and How to Reform the Defense Budget

Yesterday Mitt Romney actually said something truthful about President Obama, actually he's said three. Truthful things about the President this week alone and before this week, you would have to look real hard to find anything truthful that Governor Romney had said about President Obama. On Sunday night on CBS 60 Minutes, Mitt said that the President was a loving family man with a beautiful family. Or something to that effect and he said something very similar to that on Tuesday morning on the ABC The View, on Wednesday Mitt said that President Obama hasn't raises taxes in his first term. But today the old Mitt comes back and tries to put the blame on President Obama, for the sequester in 2011 as part of the 2011 Budget Control Act, the agreement that allowed. The Federal Government to raise the Debt Ceiling and what this sequester does, if Congress and the President fails to come up with someone like an additional trillion dollars in savings. To be used to pay down the National Debt, automatic across the board spending cuts in the Federal Budget would be put in place, as if this was President Obama's idea alone and House Republicans. Had nothing to do with it, the reason for the sequester has to do with, because Congressional Republicans, House and Senate refused to go along with any new additional revenue to be. Used as savings, including closing Tax Loopholes and of course Congressional Democrats would never go along with savings that only includes budget cuts to Social Insurance Programs, with defense. And its 700B$ budget off the table and nor should they.

So Mitt Romney's statement as usual was completely political, taking at best a half truth and trying. To use it to make President Obama look bad, he's soft on defense and so fourth, another attempt to make the President look like a Socialist, the President doesn't want to gut defense. Neither does the rest of the Democratic Leadership, Progressive Democrats perhaps but all Democrats. And even some Congressional Republicans like Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tom Coburn, Representative Walter Jones and others are looking to make savings in defense, stop us from going to. War every time there's some supposed crisis in the World, stop paying for the defense of Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves and so fourth, move Americans past Cold War Defense. And into the 21st Century where for the most part where we are combating Terrorists Organizations, where we move quicker and are smaller and are targeted in hot spots around the World. Where these terrorists are trying to attack us and Americans around the World.

So when Mitt Romney makes a statement like that, its just another reason not to take him seriously. And just adds to the pattern and feeling who is this guy and what does he believe and so fourth, which is why he's having such a hard time connecting, even in States where Republicans. Tend to win, like Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia.

AP: Mitt Romney's Path to Victory Appears to Narrow

Its all about Ohio for Mitt Romney, he has to pull that out or he'll probably lose and lose the election overwhelmingly electorally.

The New Republic: Why Won’t Conservatives Denounce Voter Suppression?

Why Won’t Conservatives Denounce Voter Suppression? | The New Republic

I don't believe its Conservatives who are pushing Voter ID/Prevention, Right Wingers for sure but this is a cause. Of the Far Right, Neoconservatives who see these new voters as people who threaten them as far as staying in power and gaining power in the future and they are correct there, because young people aren't as nearly. As far to the right as the Neoconservatives and the other thing, Neoconservatives see these voters as Un American as well.

ABC News: The Blotter: Brian Ross: IR, US Flex Military Muscles in Persian Gulf

Iran, US Flex Military Muscles in Persian Gulf - ABC News

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail here and neither side is looking for war

USA Today: Mich. Cops to Look Under Driveway for Jimmy Hoffa

Mich. cops to look under driveway for Jimmy Hoffa

This is one of the most interesting stories I've seen in a while

The Hill: Former VP AL Gore to Lead Current TV Debate Coverage

Gore to lead Current TV debate coverage - The Hill's In The Know

Good to see Vice President Gore back in public

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: President Obama: "Rich Getting Richer Won't Help Economy": How to Create an Opportunity Society

There use to be a time where Republican Economics was about building an economy that did work everybody. That wasn't built around what government can do for the people at their expense but what the people could do for themselves, that believed in the little guy and girl, that celebrated success. But that people shouldn't get successful, by taking advantage of innocent people, that we could create a pot that could benefit the whole country, instead of the wealthy being able to take most. Of that pot and the benefits somehow trickling down to the rest of us. That changed when George W. Bush became President, now Republican Economics is how do we create as much wealth for the. Wealthy as possible, even if we have to raise taxes on the rest of us to pay for it and somehow that will benefit the rest of the country, because the wealthy will invest in new companies. That will create good jobs for the rest of the country, we've tried that before, it doesn't work at least not for more then a few years and then we run into economic trouble, to go along. With a huge debt and deficit.

People getting rich is not the problem, thats a good thing its good for people to be Self Sufficient. In life and have the freedom to take care of themselves, people getting wealthy by taking it out on the rest of the country, not creating new wealth but taking out of the same pot that. The whole country uses, is a problem and when that happens, we see very few people with a lot of money, with a lot of people struggling just to make ends meat, which is not good. In an economy like that, you have high unemployment and a lot of people living off of Public Assistance but. What we saw in the 1990s, was an economy where everyone got wealthier at all income levels and most of the country working, because we had an economy that created jobs, with strong Economic Growth. Where everyone paid their share of taxes and no one had to pay so much in taxes, that it discouraged Economic Growth, because of high tax bills.

What real Economic Freedom is, the ability for people to be as successful in life as their qualifications and production allows. And only taxed on their ability to pay what's fair but not to the point where people are discouraged from working hard, being productive and spending money. Economic Freedom is not where the wealthy pays as little in taxes as possible while the rest of us are struggling to pay the taxes we owe.

ABC News: Mitt Romney Behind President Obama in Key Battleground States According to New Polls

This is what a losing campaign looks like, you run out of things to say and start looking for new things to say. And perhaps end up saying so much, you start saying things, you wouldn't normally say, like President Obama not raising taxes yet. Without Ohio, Mitt probably needs a clean sweep and win the rest of the battleground States, where he's currently trailing in all of them. Not going to happen.

AP: IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Calls for a New World Order

President Ahmadinejad's New World Order, sounds like a World where people wouldn't have to think or take care of themselves. Because the State would do that for them, this is a President who can't even run his own Administration, even though he's elected because the Supreme Leader in that country. Is a dictator that runs the whole government.

The New Republic: The Story Of The 2012 Race Is President Obama's Success In Ohio, A State He Was Thought To Be Weak In

The Story Of The 2012 Race Is Obama's Success In Ohio, A State He Was Thought To Be Weak In. What Explains For This? Here Are Six Theories | The New Republic

Republicans need to start considering doing what they did in 1996, essentially right off the Presidential Election. As a loss and start trying to secure and pick up as many seats in Congress as possible, to avoid a Democratic sweep.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Mitt Romney Talks Foreign Aid at Clinton Conference: What Foreign Aid Should Be For

Foreign Aid should be an investment that the United States makes to see that third World countries. Don't go under so to speak, that encourages them to develop their economies and so they can have a government that can govern their country, not rule over its people like Authoritarians but govern. Its country, Foreign Aid should be an investment not a gift on our part, they get money to help them survive, while they are building up their country to become less dependent on Foreign Aid and even Self Sufficient. What we get in return is a Trading Partner and as these economies develop, more customers to buy our products and ally we can rely on when it comes to Foreign Policy. In a perfect World, we would only invest in countries that are Democracies or countries that are becoming Democracies, rather then investing in Authoritarian States, that just takes our money. And uses it to keep the current regime in power so they can rule over its people, the common wisdom use to be, that we had to invest in Authoritarian States in the Middle East, to keep these. Authoritarian Regimes in power, because we would dislike what came after it even more but as it turns out we've paid a price for that thinking. Because the people in these countries who would like freedom, see right through that and say America is not on our side, they are with the dictators and we pay a price for that.

For example investing in Israel and Turkey have been good investments, why both countries are Middle Eastern allies. Both countries are Democracies, both countries can defend themselves very well and don't have to worry about another country in the area attacking them or invading them. Israel has used some of our money to develop a developed economy that buys our goods and products, Turkey is moving towards becoming a developed economy as well and one of the wealthiest. Nations in the Middle East, Egypt as it turns out not such a great investment, they've been helpful in the sense when it comes to terrorism and other Foreign Policy matters. Like leaving Israel alone and even have a diplomatic relationship with them but haven't used the money to develop the economy, a large country that also has 80M people with a working class and an educated class. Yet they were a third World country fifty years ago and still are today and haven't really moved the ball at all to becoming a developed economy and not quite a Democracy yet.

Foreign Aid is a good thing if we invest in countries that have similar goals and ideals, not that we agree on everything. But that we both believe in Democracy and progress, that the people should have a large say in how they live their lives, whether they are Social Democracies. Like in Europe or a Liberal Democracy like America but that they believe in Individual Freedom, Human Rights and Civil Liberties and are against Authoritarianism.

AP: President Obama Warns Iran on Nukes

I don't believe letting the Islamic Republic of Iran, a fundamentalist Islamic Theocracy, thats living in the stone age. As far what it believes when it comes to Human Rights and Civil Liberties and the fact they are willing to spread this far right ideology around the World, through Terrorist Organizations. Is acceptable and we should do everything we can as a country, short of going to war with this large country of 75M people. A war with Iran even through a coalition, which will never happen, where we were to invade it, knockout the government, so we can knockout their. WMD but here's the kicker even if we are successful there, we are talking about ground troops, of at least 500K people, Iran is the size of Saudi Arabia and Libya physically, with 75M people. If we were to invade this country, we would be obligated to occupy it, until a new government is formed and ready to govern the country, so a war with Iran is also completely unacceptable. So what we need to do is prevent them from getting Nuclear Weapons, short of invading the country, which would require a coalition and perhaps air strikes.

The New Republic: A 2009 Video Clip Shows Mitt Romney Speaking Out Against Anti-China Trade Protectionism

A 2009 Video Clip Shows Mitt Romney Speaking Out Against Anti-China Trade Protectionism -- The Total Opposite Of His Current Anti-China Line. | The New Republic

This is all about pandering about China to Americans who are concerned about China's Trade Policy. There's no Leadership here, Mitt Romney is not the first nor will he be the last Presidential Candidate to pander about China. Democrat or Republican but pandering is exactly what he's doing here.

USA Today: Colo. Prison Inmate Kills 1 Prison Worker, Wounds Another

Colo. inmate kills 1 prison worker, wounds another

This inmate can probably forget about ever leaving prison alive

The Hill: President Obama to Answer Foreign Policy Criticism in UN Address

Obama to answer foreign policy criticism in UN address - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Here's another advantage that President Obama has over Mitt Romney, actually being President itself and being. Able to command the World Stage, when he gives a speech at the United Nations, the whole World sees it and its an opportunity for him to tell Americans, I'm not just running for reelection but I actually have. The job and this is what I can do with it and speaking on these issues, especially as they relate to Foreign Policy, is something he does very well, especially for a first term President.

Monday, September 24, 2012

FRSFreeState: VOA: Presidential Debates Meant to Persuade Undecided Voters: The Last Opportunity to Convince Undecideds

As long as Presidential Campaigns are in America and they really are about two years, for someone to be. A serious Presidential Candidate, they have to have a pretty good idea if they are going to run for President or not, by the end of the Mid Term elections, because once the new Congress is sworn in. Thats when the Exploratory Committees need to be formed, to get an idea of what a potential Presidential Candidate is going to have to put together, to run an effective Presidential Campaign. What kind of organization they are going to need, start putting together a staff, message, layout policies, if they are currently in office and up for reelection during that Mid Term. Should they bother to run for reelection or not run for reelection and concentrate on running on running for President full time, unless they are the Incumbent President or Vice President. All of these decisions need to be made about 2-3 years in advance and even with all of that, Presidential Candidates only get about 2-3 opportunities to tell undecided voters why they should. Be President of the United States, unless they have a very effective Advertising Campaign, where they are in the commercials and even doing infomercials.

Winning primaries and campaigning in those States, especially swing States, give Presidential Candidates. An opportunity to connect with Independents, the conventions obviously are still important and watched, give Presidential Nominees an opportunity to introduce themselves to. Voters and for the Incumbent President up for reelection, an opportunity to layout what they plan to do in the next four years and why they should be reelected but the debates are the closing argument. All three of them are important, really the last opportunities for the President and his opponent to explain why voters should for for them, instead of the President or. Opponent and in a lot of cases this is how tight Presidential Elections are won and lost, 1976, 1980, 1992 and 2008 are excellent examples of that, where a Presidential Candidate can close. The deal and win the election or even lose it.

AP: Morning-After Pills Available at 13 NYC Schools

This is just realizing the fact that adolescents have sex in America and that we can't stop them and at best educate them. About the consequences that come from having sex as an adolescent and how they can protect themselves.

ABC News: World News: Mitt Romney's Changes His Campaign Strategy

How many Mitt Romney's are we going to see in one campaign, at some point he has to figure out who he's going to be. So voters have some idea who they would get if he were to be President of the United States. Or he'll never be elected President of the United States, because voters won't know who he is.

The New Republic: Daily Breakdown: Mitt Romney's Chances Are In Jeopardy

Daily Breakdown: Romney's Chances Are In Jeopardy | The New Republic

I've always believed that President Obama was the favorite to be reelected just because of where we were when. He started, where we are now, the fact that the Bush Years would still be fresh in Americans minds and that Republicans wouldn't be able to get away from that and Democrats would constantly throw that in Republicans. Faces and the fact of how weak the GOP field against the President was going to be, as we see now, the GOP Frontrunner having to go out of his way to defeat people like Rick Santorum, Rick Perry. That people like Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain were once considered the frontrunners, none of the candidates are really qualified to be President of the United States. The GOP has yet to shown in this cycle, that they can produce a Presidential Candidate, that can appeal to the Far Right in the GOP, that now has. A lot of power in the GOP, as well as appeal to Independents and now their nominee is having a hard time appealing to both.

The Hill: Polls: Tight race in Fla., But President Obama Holds Edge With Independents

Polls: Tight race in Fla., but Obama holds edge with independents - The Hill's Ballot Box

Mitt Romney and President Obama in a tight race in another Republican State

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider: Eduardo Encina: Orioles Right-Hander Tommy Hunter Hits 101 MPH Saturday: Could Find Home in Bullpen

Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider: Eduardo Encina: Orioles Right-Hander Tommy Hunter Hits 101 MPH Saturday: Could Find Home in Bullpen

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeState 1975 on Blogger

This could work well for the Orioles, because the starting rotation is set for the rest of the regular season and AL Playoffs. Which they have a very good shot at making at this point, so they don't need Tommy Hunter as a starter right now. Tommy Hunter has shown signs of being dominant as a starter in 2012 with his mid to upper nineties fastball that has movement and deadly breaking stuff as well. But he doesn't seem to very strong for more than five innings or so and struggles to get through five innings. 

As a long or middle reliever, Tommy Hunter could let it go so to speak and let it hang out as far as his fastball and breaking balls. Because he knows he's only getting probably at most thirty pitches or so and doesn't have to go six or seven innings and pitch well for that long in a game. Because instead he'll come into the game for an inning or two when an Orioles starter gets in trouble or to hold a lead. And give opposing hitters something else to have to think about in the game. 

Sugar Poultry: Video: Whose Line Is It Anyway, Chris Walken Doing The News

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Press on Blogger

ABC use to have a show called Whose Line Is It Anyway, the American version of the BBC Whose Line show. And what it was five comedians including the host Drew Carey who would be given scenes and characters to play, but the comedians would have to act out the scenes with no script or lines. The comedians would have to act out the scenes off the top of their heads, almost completely spontaneously.

And they would do scenes like Hoe Down where they would have to do a song off the top of their heads, or Super Hero’s where each person would have this made up Super Hero with a name that no Super Hero, who is sane and sober at least, would have. And one comedian would start out with a name and as each comedian would enter the game, the comedian who came before would give the next comedian a name. So lets say Alcoholic Man would introduce lets say Mr. Clutz who would topple to the floor as soon as he’s introduced. And Mr. Clutz would do is act and then introduce the next person and say, “thank God you are here Scared Shitless or something like that.”

My favorite skit that they did is probably Weird Newscasters. Especially the two anchors and these two people would makeup the news literally on the spot. And would say something like, “our lead story tonight, 200 people reported missing or dead as a result of an attack by Killer Tomatoes.” And the second anchor with a weird character to play like a news anchor being played by race car drive whose had too much to drink or something. And he or she would say something like, “this just in alcoholism linked to drunk driving. Shocking I know.” And they would introduce the weatherman who farts every time he speaks or something like that. As well as a sportscaster who falls in love with every women he sees in the audience or something.

My favorite character on this show even though I don’t believe Chris Walken has ever actually physically been on this show before is Chris Walken. Because he’s a great comedian on the spot, who never needs a script to be funny, movies like American Sweethearts, True Romance and his appearances on Saturday Night Live are excellent examples of that. And Jeff Davis from Whose Line, does a great impression of him and that’s what makes this show great and how you tell great comedians from good or average comedians. How funny are they when they have to be and when they don’t have a script.

ABC News: This Week: Ann Coulter Comments on Racial Politics in America

Here's an example of why Ann Coulter is one of the Democratic Party's biggest, easiest and favorite punching bags. Because when she says something, Democrats fundraising numbers always go up. Her attitude of towards anyone in the country thats not like her and people like her and I'm not talking racially purely, basically any American that doesn't have her very narrow Neoconservative. Mindset of what it means to be an American, they don't sound like us, they don't look like us, they speak a different language, they listen to different music, their politics are different and so fourth. Its this whole divide and conquer, us against them mentality, you are either with us, meaning people who think and look at the World the way she and allies do, then you are really not one of us. Or you are against us and you are really not an American and you don't deserve to be treated like an American, meaning Civil Rights mean nothing and people like Ann Coulter deserve to discriminate against you. Simply because they don't like you, thats the State of the Far Right in America and why the GOP has to move away from them, to be viable in the future. Because they are shrinking in numbers as we move forward as a country.

FRSFreeState: ABC News: This Week: Reince Priebus, David Axelrod Comment on Mitt Romney's 'Defining Week'

Last week I believe will end up be the defining moments of this Presidential Election. Where it goes from being a nail biting contest to a landslide at least electorally and less there are some big. Moments in the debates, where Mitt Romney makes some big splash in them and turns the election around, similar to John Kerry back in 2004, where he entered the first debate down 8-10 points. But then clearly wins the first debate and leaves it tied or even with a small lead over President Bush, unless something like that happens and Barack Obama is a very good debater as we saw four years ago. So the chances of that aren't very good and he'll enter that debate well prepared, because I believe he'll have a very good opportunity to close the deal on his reelection in the. First debate, similar to President Clinton in 1996 against Bob Dole and an opportunity that President Bush blew in 2004, unless there's something horrible in the news that makes President Obama. Look bad and his poll numbers drop from now until Election day, this last week will be the week that made a nail biting election into a landslide at least electorally. Similar to how the debates of 1980 took an essentially tied Presidential Election between Ron Reagan and President Carter and turned it into a blow out for Reagan.

Again unless there's something in the news that dramatically changes this Presidential Election in. In favor of Mitt Romney that drops President Obama's Approval Rating, he's currently at 50% and if that were to go down to 45 or under, some crisis that makes President Obama look real bad. Some disaster in the Middle East, where lots of Americans are killed or something, you know a jobs report that sees us actually lose jobs instead of gain them, we've gained jobs for thirty straight months now. Mitt Romney has a great first debate and the President looks bad, the week of September 17-21, will be the week that takes a very close election and makes it a blow out. Where not only President Obama is not only reelected, Democrats retain the Senate and now the House is in play as well, where Democrats have a realistic chance of winning back the House. And all of this will be credited to Mitt Romney's awful week.

The Hill: Experts Offer Some Pre-Debate Advice for Mitt Romney: 'Be Yourself'

Experts offer some pre-debate advice for Romney: 'Be yourself' - The Hill's Ballot Box

I don't know if this is good advice, because we've seen so many different Mitt Romney's. So asking him to be himself, which one of these Mitt's is he or is there another Mitt we haven't seen yet. Which I believe would cause more problems for him, because it would just add to the question, who is this guy. Similar issues that John Kerry had in 2004, which is why this election looks like 2004 to me but with the other party winning. Rather then 1980.

Fat Hawaiian Man: Charles Manson Interview With John Aes Nihill

This piece was oirginally posted at FRS Daily Press: Fat Hawaiian Man: Charles Manson Interview With John Aes Nihill

As evil as Charlie Manson might have been or still is and he was clearly and evil man, whose responsible for the murders of a lot of innocent people and even seem to draw pleasure from them, that’s not the whole story about Charlie. You don’t put together a crime family like the Manson Crime Family if you don’t have some leadership ability. That not only draws people to you, but you can make them do things they normally wouldn’t do. Like good middle class teenagers, people who should be in college, going out and murdering innocent people, people who are complete strangers to you. Because you see them as part of some establishment that’s holding down the rest of the country.

Charlie Manson blamed his situation in life, on society and to a certain extent he was correct. Coming from a broken home, never knowing his father, barely knowing his mother, being shipped around as a kid. Doesn’t excuse the fact of all the people he had murdered, but he got off to a real bad start in life. And once he became an adult and got out of prison for the last time in life, he decided that he was going to takeout his frustrations on society, as much as he can for as long as he can. Charlie Manson and his young Baby Boomer soldiers, against the rest of the world.

What we saw from Charlie Manson’s power was not only the ability for him to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do, like things as evil as murdering people, but people who basically fell in love with him. And saw him as a God or Jesus Crisis, people who idealize a murderer. Which is what we saw in this interview. Even though people who are doing life sentences in prison, partially for hooking up with Charlie Manson. Who see him for exactly what he is. A cold-blooded murderer that would manipulate people to do what he wouldn’t do himself.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

David Von Pein: ABC News JFK Assassination As it Happened-11/22/1963

ABC News
David Von Pein: ABC News JFK Assassination As it Happened-11/22/1963

ABC News, was such a small operation in the early 1960s. Sorta like the baby sister or baby brother of NBC and CBS News. They didn’t become a major operation at least until the late 1960s or early 70s, when Howard Smith took over as the anchor of the ABC Evening News. And probably not even a major competitor as far as first being in news when it came to the TV networks until the late 70s and early 80s. When Nightline with Ted Koppel came on the air and covered the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

ABC News, won a lot of rewards for their depth coverage of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. It made Ted Koppel a star and household name and if you look at this coverage of the JFK assassination, you don’t see a clear anchor of this coverage. It looks more like a news update or something. When CBS News went on the air, with this story, Walter Cronkite when their number one anchor, broke in right away to report this story. And the same thing with NBC News with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, they went their main people their stars. You don’t see that with ABC News.

With what ABC News had to work with back then and again being in third place out of the three networks and being so far back it looked like fifth place, I think they actually did pretty well. And were on top of the story. They were the so-called CW or My-TV, whatever that is, or even FOX. Being so small that they didn’t even have a news division, or weren’t interested in news at all. FOX, of course now has a news obviously. ABC, was a national TV network back then, but didn’t have the affiliates and ratings that CBS and NBC did.

AP: Mitt Romney: President Obama "Wants Trillion-Dollar Deficits"

Liar liar
, Mitt Romney must be feeling very desperate right now and making things up when he's out of facts. I almost feel sorry for the guy but he's Mitt Romney so he's very difficult to feel sorry for.

Democratic Rapid Response: Mitt Romney: The Worst Week in Washington

Its been one bad week for the Romney/Ryan Campaign since the Republican Convention

The Hill: Democrat: Immigration Deal a Lock in 2013 if President Obama is Reelected

Democrat: Immigration deal a lock in 2013 if Obama is reelected - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

An opportunity may be coming for the President to keep one of his promises

The Hill: GOP Fears Reelected President Obama Would Have the Upper Hand on Taxes

GOP fears reelected Obama would have the upper hand on taxes - The Hill's On The Money

A tax deal would becoming especially with a reelected President and Democratic Senate and if Democrats take back the House. Or at least pick up a bunch of seats, in the Congressional Lame Duck.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wendell Willkie: Video: Defining Classical Liberalism for America

When you hear the term Classical Liberal today, it tends to be used to describe Libertarians, people who tend to be viewed as Right Wingers. When Liberals tend and correctly be viewed as Left Wingers, whereas Liberals today are people who are viewed as Progressives or Social Democrats, people. Who are Collectivists, that no one should have so much money that they shouldn't be dependent on the State, that wealth should be spread around so one has too much of it etc. And that it governments job to make sure these things happen, that people like George McGovern, Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Jim McDermott are todays Liberals, people with this Collectivist. Mindset and people like Ron Paul are the Classical Liberals people who are really Libertarians but I would argue that Libertarianism, Liberalism and Progressivism are three different and separate ideologies. That Liberals and Libertarians are very close on Social Issues, more like Progressives on Economic Policy, that government does have a role in the economy but Liberals. Would differ on how large of a role that would be, that governments role in the economy is to protect innocent people from being abused and empower people who can't take care of themselves. With the power to become Self Sufficient.

Progressives have more of Statist approach when it comes to the economy and even on some Social Issues. Like we've seen in New York this summer, with the soda bans, crackdowns on marijuana and even pornography, thanks to the Mike Bloomberg Administration, that governments job really is. To look out for people and even prevent them from doing things that Progressives would view as harmful to them, whether its the economy or some of these Social Issues, Liberals are just different there. We don't see governments job to protect us from ourselves but to protect the innocent from people who do harm to them, not outlaw things that may be dangerous but put out all. The necessary information for us to make these decisions for ourselves and if some of these things are actually dangerous, regulate it and even discourage it, not by taking it away but. Providing incentive so that we won't want to do it as often, things like taxes on alcohol, tobacco and even marijuana, that might sound similar but its a big difference.

Wendell Willkie a Liberal Democrat up until the 1930s with the FDR Administration but then became a Republican. Because he saw President Rosevelt take the Democratic Party from more of a Liberal Party, to a Party that was more Socialist or Progressive, dramatically increasing the size. Of the State in peoples lives, Wendell Willkie understood exactly what Liberalism was, that is was about Individual Freedom and that government should only be doing the things that the people. Can't do for themselves, which was a very limited list of operations for government.

ABC News: NIghtline: Solitary Confinement: A Controversial Punishment

Solitary Confinement shouldn't be for inmates who commit minor infractions, there needs to be a way. To sanction these inmates without locking them up for twenty four three hours a day, like loss of rec time or work time, that sorta thing or loss of what's called good time, that inmates. Can earn to make their sentences shorter, Solitary Confinement should be for inmates who are threat to General Population and the staff and even these inmates should be worked with so their. Behavior improves to the point, that they can return to General Population.

ABC News: Nightline: "Solitary Confinement: "No Way Out of the Monster Factory"

Solitary Confinement: No Way Out of the Monster Factory | Video - ABC News \

Solitary Confinement has a positive purpose to isolate dangerous violent inmates, from General Population. So they don't abuse inmates who are just trying to do their time but it shouldn't be an indefinite detention either, these inmates should have the opportunity to be able to get themselves back in General Population. And be treated humanely while in isolation as well, with adequate food etc and people working with them to change their behavior.

USA Today: Mitt Romney Has Campaign Debt, Less Cash on Hand

Romney has campaign debt, less cash on hand –

This is what happens to losing campaigns, you start spending money to make up the difference and lose track of what you are spending.

The Hill: Sen. Scott Brown attacks Elisabeth Warren's heritage in first Mass. Senate debate

Brown attacks Warren's heritage in first Mass. Senate debate - The Hill's Ballot Box

I didn't see any clear winner in the debate last night, other then Elisabeth Warren was on the defensive about her heritage. And Scott Brown was on the defensive about abortion.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Associated Press: Raw Video- Judge Denies Request to Stop Anti-Muslim Trailer

Source: Associated Press-
Source: Associated Press Raw Video- Judge Denies Request To Stop Anti-Muslim Trailer

If this actress in this movie was misled about this movie that she was in, then she probably has a good case. That she should take to court and sue the makers of this movie over that and be rewarded compensation for that. Assuming she didn't know that she was going to be part of an Islamaphobic film and I don't know if she was misled or not, but as far as getting the movie shut down, over that, that simply won't happen. 

We have a First Amendment in this country that protects Freedom of Speech, which movies would clearly come under, because they clearly have speech in them. And when they are in documentary form, they are delivering a message and perhaps intended to inform people about the subject matter that the film is covering. And seeing speech that you love or hate, is part of sharing and living in a liberal democracy of three-hundred and fifteen million people. We can control what we see and hear, but can't shut people up on our own. 

Suing people might be part of the American Way in America, but free speech is clearly the American Way and has to be protected. Whether it's peaceful speech, hate speech, accurate speech or inaccurate Speech. It's not the job of government to protect us from what they may see as dangerous speech. We have the freedom to make these decisions for ourselves.