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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FRSFreeState: Vice President Biden Draws Mitt Romney Rebuke With 'Chains' Remark: Why Rhetoric Like This is not Helpful

One of the advantages the Obama Campaign has in running against an opponent like Mitt Romney. Is that they don't have to demagogue or make things up or stretch the truth. What comes out of Governor Romney's and his deputies mouthes, is bad enough from a Democratic perspective and I believe an Independent perspective as well. Quotes like Mitt doesn't care about poor people or he's unemployed, corporations are people, he doesn't know how much he pays in taxes and so fourth. And you add that to his laundry list of flip flops, like being in favor of his Healthcare Reform plan before he was against it. Before he was for it again which is what he said last week and so fourth. The Obama Campaign will have a mountain of quotes and ideas from Mitt if they choose to use them, that they'll be able to use against the Romney Campaign and Paul Ryan will just reenforce that. The Obama Campaign will be able to run against Mitt Romney the man and just use what he has said and done against him, rather then trying to make really bad lines and policies. Look even worse then they already are.

The unchain remark about wanting to repeal the 2010 Dodd-Frank Law that regulates Wall Street. And essentially go back to the days of the Bush Administration and not regulate Wall Street, which is a big reason for Wall Street collapsing in 2008. And then Tax Payers got to bail out these big banks for the bad behavior of these big banks, is legitimate because Mitt Romney essentially believes. That Wall Street shouldn't be regulated, because it hurts investors, which hurts the economy and to use that against Mitt is legitimate. But to make that seem even worse then it actually is and try to make it sound like Mitt wants to take America back to when. African Slaves were being held in chains, which of course there's no evidence for that. Is taking it too far, negative campaigning is legitimate when its factually based. This kinda rhetoric might work with the partisan fringe of the Democratic Party but will hurt them everywhere else.

Negative campaigning is legitimate when its correct and you have an alternative vision of what you would do instead. Its over the top and just looks like politics as usual and makes you look like a typical career politician that will say anything to win elections, when you make things up or take them out of context. Which is what the taking the country back to the chain days line is.

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