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Friday, August 17, 2012

FRSFreeState: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: "President Obama Is Out of Ideas": Paul Ryan is Running out of Facts

Looks like the new tact for the Romney/Ryan Campaign is to try to make President Obama look like an angry man. Whose frustrated about where the country is and where his Presidency is and has run out of ideas in where to take the country. So he's going to do whatever it takes to win, because he know he can't run on his own record, including lying about the other side. This was tried against President Carter by the Reagan/Bush Campaign in 1980, it actually worked then. The problem this time, besides the Romney/Ryan Campaign' theory about the President. Is their Ticket is not as nearly as strong as the Reagan/Bush Ticket of 1980 and the Obama/Biden Ticket is not as nearly as weak as it was in 1980. Other then maybe Medicare the Romney/Ryan Campaign doesn't have any new ideas, their team is made up of mostly advisers of President Bush, where's the new blood and ideas for this campaign. They don't have a Foreign Policy yet other then they want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars more on defense, while they cut taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars for the wealthy. And actually raise taxes on the Middle Class, in a time where they say our budget deficit and debt and spending by the Federal Government is out of control.

What Romney/Ryan want to do is to create a Time Machine and take us back to 2001, as if this were was still the Bush Administration. And return to the old politics of Borrow and Spend Economics, that they would call Supply Side Economics. And a shoot first ask questions later Foreign Policy, we've already been down this road and its led us to the road that we are on. By the way President Obama would like to cut Corporate Taxes as well, as long as it goes with eliminating Corporate Welfare, something that Republicans aren't serious about. What we would get from Romney/Ryan, is cut Corporate Taxes and to look at eliminating Corporate Welfare in the future. What President Obama wants to do is basically rebuild the country, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries. Putting all of these people back to work rebuilding our infrastructure while Romney/Ryan want to go back to the future.

The current tact of how Romney/Ryan is going to go after the Obama Campaign is pretty obvious. That this Presidency is running on fumes and now angry and they are going to take their frustration out on Mitt Romney. Its not going to work, both campaigns are going to flood the country with negative campaigning, thats just the State of American Politics. The difference being that President Obama actually has a vision of where he wants to take the country. Which is what you see at his Campaign Events.

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