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Monday, August 20, 2012

FRSFreeState: The Economist: "The Meaning of Paul Ryan": What he Brings To The Presidential Election

To state the obvious and hopefully this will be the last time I do this in this post, Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin. He's gotten to where he is in life based on his accomplishments and intelligence and knowledge about issues he works on and is a very likable guy to go along with that. He's a charming nerd unlike Sarah Palin whose famous because of her personality and saying a lot of ignorant things. About issues she's not very informed about, Sarah Palin is not even a very good spokesperson for Neoconservative Culture Warriors, she makes them look even more ignorant and bigoted, then they perhaps are. Paul Ryan is a very good spokesperson for Economic Conservatives, that believe that government taxes and regulates too much and that the Federal Government is over centralized. But Paul Ryan is a lightning bolt for Economic Conservatives who aren't in love with Mitt Romney yet but love Paul Ryan but he's also a lightning bolt for Democrats who want to make. Mitt Romney look extreme, as someone whose going to cut taxes and regulations for the wealthy and business's, at the expense of everyone else. And be able to tie Mitt Romney to the Tea Party and hurt him with Independent Voters.

So Paul Ryan is a divisive figure and now that he's Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee, will give Americans a clear choice in who to vote for. Two very different visions and directions in where to take the country, with President Obama it will be about rebuilding the country. To put millions of workers back to work, as well as cutting taxes for the Middle Class and Small Business's to encourage Consumer Spending and Economic Growth. And with Mitt Romney it will be about cutting taxes and regulations for the wealthy and corporations, to encourage the flow of capital in the economy.

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