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Thursday, August 23, 2012

FRSFreeState: "Clear Choice": Obama for America TV Ad; Progressing Forward or Returning to The 1950s

To know how different the two major political parties in America are, just look at the party platforms. Democrats believe in Equal Rights under the Law for all, Republicans believe, that people should be allowed to discriminate against others based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or nationality. In the name of Property Rights, Democrats believe in the Right of Privacy, that Big Government shouldn't come into our homes and interfere with what we do in private. Republicans would like to ban pornography, Same Sex Marriage and perhaps homosexuality all together. Democrats see non Christian Religions for what they are, Religions to state the obvious, Republican see them as cults and even political ideologies that are Un American. Democrats recognize America for what it is, a huge, vast diverse country in so many ways and that we are all American. Republicans have this 1950s view of what America is and if you don't believe in what they do or live your life the way they do, you are somehow Un American. Democrats believe that all Americans should be allowed to vote under law. Republicans believe that only people who think and look like them should be allowed to vote under law, which is what Voter ID/Prevention is about.

The 2012 General Elections are not about moving forward or returning to the Bush years but moving forward or returning to the 1950s, when America was more culturally Conservative. Mitt Romney is not a Tea Party Republican at least culturally, I don't see him as a Big Government Republican on Social Issues. But thats the party he'll be leading a Big Government Party when it comes to Social Freedom, people who believe that Americans simply have too much Social Freedom. And thats what's hurting our country, our National Security and Morality as they see it, the party platforms are a perfect example of that. And Mitt is not known for taking on his own party, the fringe in it that lately has become the base of the party, rather then the fringe. Mitt is someone who at least at one time believed in Equal Rights for homosexuals and thats not where his party is.

The 2012 General Elections is yes about the economy and that the number one issue but there's so much more then that. Its about preserving the Individual Freedom that we have or letting Neoconservative Republicans take over the Federal Government and watch them try to turn. The most modern country in the World and take it back to the 1950s where people today, who don't vote Republican. Weren't much of a factor in the country.

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