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Monday, August 27, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Protesters March in Tampa Against GOP Convention: Progressives Taking On Mitt Romney

Progressives taking on Mitt Romney and the Tea Party Republican Party in Tampa, right before the RNC Convention. Probably a good idea on their part, to take on Crony Capitalism and perhaps American Capitalism as a whole, they will certainly get attention in doing this. The Revolutionaries vs the Establishment, in this case the Revolutionaries being Progressive Socialists in the United States. The Establishment being the Republican Party and Corporate America, the problem that both sides have, is that they are both preaching to their choirs. Assuming these Progressives are even religious at all, which is not a safe bet. They are not going to bring in a lot of new followers as far as people who once didn't agree with them and now have seen the light. So to speak and have concluded that they've always been wrong and that we need more government control of the economy. Or we don't need any governmental influence of the economy at all, except to prevent workers from organizing or paying out large subsidies to Corporate America and cutting taxes even further for people who are already doing well. While raising taxes on everyone else.

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