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Friday, August 31, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Day After Convention, GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan Goes After Dems: Lyin Ryan on The Attack

The Republican narrative in this election will be that President Obama inherited a bad situation but made it even worse. Because he was simply not up to the task, unqualified to be President of the United States and that his so called European Socialist ideology does not work. And that Mitt Romney and Paul are the people to put America back to work. The problem with this narrative along with the facts, is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan don't have a record of creating jobs. At least not in America, Paul Ryan doesn't have any record of creating jobs, he voted party line straight down the middle. During the Bush Administration, one of the weakest era's we've ever had as far as Job Growth, lost 2M jobs in President Bush's last two months alone. Since Barack Obama has taken over as President, he hasn't voted for anything thats created any jobs, he has voted for a lot of bills that haven't become law. And Paul Ryan has been in Congress basically his entire professional career, before getting elected to the House in 1998, he served under Representatives and Senators before that. Paul Ryan is not someone you can really call a "Job Creator", because outside of his Congressional and Campaign Staff, he hasn't really ever created any jobs on his own.

Mitt Romney on the other hand as Governor of Massachusetts, one of the wealthiest States in the union. With one of the biggest and wealthiest cities and Metro Areas in the country in Boston, was 48th in Job Growth as Governor of Massachusetts from 2003-07, something that his Republican opponents pointed out in the debates and primaries. That Democrats such as myself and others will be happy to point out as this election moves on. This election should set up perfectly for Republicans, this should look like 1980 or 1992 for them, bad economy and we are the people to turn it around. The problem is that they don't have the people to turn it around, Mitt Romney's job at Bain Capital wasn't to create jobs, he wasn't the Director of Personal there. His job was to make money for his investors and when he did, that created jobs for other people but that wasn't his business.

So what Democrats need to do is to communicate this to Independents who don't know the whole Romney/Ryan Record yet and say yeah. Things are bad now but do you really want to turn it over to a couple of guys that don't know how to turn it around or don't have a very record when it comes to the economy. Or do you want build on what we've started the last four years and point out the things that we've accomplished as a country.

The New Republic: The Things Romney Failed To Accomplish

The Things Romney Failed To Accomplish | The New Republic

I thought Mitt Romney did a very good job in introducing himself and letting the country know more about him and so fourth. But failed to layout a vision for the country that looks much different from what we got from President Bush, which is a problem he'll have going forward.

The Hill: Mitt Romney: What America Needs is Jobs, not Hope, Change and Obama

Romney: What America needs is jobs, not hope, change and Obama - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Mitt Romney is right about one thing but the problem that he has, is that he doesn't have a very good record at creating jobs.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

AP: Fact Checking Rep. Ryan's RNC Speech: The Speech Thats Long on Attacks & Short on Facts

I'm not going to get into the pure politics of Representative Ryan's speech last night, as far as what impact it will have for the Romney/Ryan Campaign. As far as whose up and whose down, the scorecard, which seems to be the only thing Americans are typically interested in when it comes to politics. I'll do that later in a different post, I'm just going to get into the pure substance and pure facts of it, or the lack of them that was in the Ryan speech last night. Because thats what's most important as far as how it affects the Presidential Campaign and something that the Obama/Biden Campaign has to take seriously and effectively respond to. Before Independents actually take the nonsense in the speech seriously. Since we are talking about Paul Ryan here lets first talk about the debt, he loves to talk about the danger of the national debt and that he doesn't want. His kids to be stuck having to pay off the debt from the people in this generation and then he tries to put the debt on President Obama, saying he personally has racked up 5T$ on the debt since taking office. What he fails to mention is that Paul Ryan himself has his own hands on this debt.

As far as the debt and Paul Ryan has been in the House since 1999, representing Janesville, Wisconsin. From 2001-2009 alone, the national debt went from 5T$, which is what President Bush inherited, as well as a 200B$ Budget Surplus, to eight years later in 2009. The debt went to 11T$ and a !T$ deficit and Representative Ryan voted for all 6T$ of it, while in Congress. Here are the numbers, two 1T$ Tax Cuts, unpaid for, two unfunded wars unpaid for, both over a trillion dollars. Medicare Advantage 700B$, TARP another 700B$, as well as the Auto Bailouts, that started under President Bush, that President Obama put through. Its like robbing houses for a living and the calling the cops when you get robbed yourself, its dishonest. Paul Ryan also accused President Obama of raiding Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act. What he failed to mention, was that what the ACA does is limits payments to the Health Insurance Industry and returns that money to Medicare. To cover Medicare patients, imagine that.

What Representative Ryan also didn't mention is that those Medicare savings that are in the ACA, are also in the Ryan Deficit Reduction Plan. Ryan also tried to put the blame for an Auto Plant closing in Janesville on President Obama, what he failed to mention. Was that it closed in late 2008, a couple months before Barack Obama became President. So this speech last night was long on attacks, short on facts, sounds good to Republicans but I give it an F on substance and facts. But its still something that the Obama/Biden Campaign is going to have to effectively respond to before too many people actually take it seriously.

The New Republic: The Five Big Misrepresentations Of Paul Ryan's Convention Speech

The Five Big Misrepresentations Of Paul Ryan's Convention Speech | The New Republic

What Representative Paul Ryan failed to mention when talking about the debt last night. That he voted for about 6T$ of the 16T$ debt in just eight years alone during the Bush Administration alone. Two unpaid for Tax Cuts, 2001 and 03, two unfunded wars, 2001 and 03, Medicare Advantage 03. He consistently voted to expand the Federal Government and borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for it. As far as raiding Medicare, the Affordable Care Act limits payments to the Health Insurance Industry in Medicare Advantage. And uses that money to cover Medicare patients, the Obama Campaign can't afford to  let Paul Ryan get away with these bogus attacks, before Independents actually start believing them.

The Hill: Huge Roars for Conde Rice From GOP Crowd Moved by Convention Address

Huge roars for Rice from GOP crowd moved by convention address - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Conde Rice gave the best, a reasonable, honest and a Classical Republican speech Wednesday night. Talking about opportunity and where she came from, speaking in favor of immigration and diversity. Which is probably why she's not Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Associated Press: Today in History for August 29th- The 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Source: Associated Press- Hurricane Katrina Victims-
Source: Associated Press: Today in History For August 29th

This blog is just another example of what its like to blog on a slow news day. The seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina the worst natural disaster in American history, that turned a somewhat big city New Orleans which before this storm was a city of around 450K people, in an area of around 1.5M people, into a smaller mid-size city of 150K people almost overnight. Because the Federal Government, Louisiana and New Orleans, were caught completely off guard by this storm, didn't understand the aftermath of it and what this storm could do, caught completely off guard by it. Houston a large city of 2M people in an area of 5M people or so, became a much larger city almost overnight. Because hundreds of thousands of people were left with no place to go and live, even ending up having to stay on the floor of the Louisiana Superdome, a football stadium/convention center.

These kinds of things don't happen when the people and government's are prepared for storms like this. There's actually some good news to come from this.  A lot of unqualified people lost their jobs over this like Mike Brown who was the Director of FEMA and Americans finally woke up to the fact that the Bush Administration didn't know what they were doing and needed a watchdog. Hurricane Katrina is the final nail in the coffin for the then Republican House of Representatives. Who ran the House from 1995-2007. House Democrats only needed to pick up fifteen seats in 2006 to take back the majority. So it was just a question of how many they were going to pick up and how big their majority would be in the next Congress. The Senate, was a different story where they needed to pick up six seats out of thirty-three elections. Which meant that Senate Democrats had to run the table and beat every vulnerable Senate Republican.

Senate Democrats needed to win every open Republican seat and win some seats that didn't seem vulnerable going into 2006. Like in Virginia with Senator George Allen and in Montana with Senator Conrad Burns. Without losing any seats of their own and that's exactly what they did. Taking back the Senate for the first time since 2001, without losing a single Democratic seat.  Pre-Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the talk in Washington was that Congressional Democrats would probably pick up seats in both the House and Senate, but I doubt many people were seriously expecting them to take back both the House and Senate, or either one. The two big news stories that year were the very unpopular War in Iraq and Katrina. When President Bush was reelected in 2004, he had an approval rating of around 45%, a year later it was 29% and Congressional Republicans took the heat for that, because they were seen as backing the President.

The Hill: Gov. Chris Christie Slams Dems as Whistling Happy Tune Over Coming Fiscal Cliff

Christie slams Dems as whistling happy tune over coming fiscal cliff - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

The angry fat man was on the national stage last night

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Associated Press: Today in History For August 28th- Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech

Source: Associated Press- Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream-
Source: Associated Press: Today in History For August 28th- Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech

Today marks the 49th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech. The speech where Dr. King laid out exactly what the vision of civil rights is. Sort of  like when a President lays out for Congress and the rest of the country what he intends to get done that year. But if anything the I Have a Dream Speech was so much more powerful and Dr. King was able to communicate this message to so many other people. A million people physically showed up to this speech at the Washington Mall and this is a speech that's remembered forty-nine-years later and if anything more powerful today than it was in 1963. Because the vision of civil rights movement is still this speech. "I have a dream that one day my children will be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin". The ultimate color-blind speech, that all Americans should be judged as individuals, not as colors or members of races.

He laid it all out there for over a hundred-million Americans, now at best maybe half of the country agreed with him at the time. Not even everyone in the African-American Community agreed, but there it was the vision of what Dr. King was trying to accomplish. Dr. King laid out the vision of what he was trying to accomplish with this speech and he was telling his supporters ,as well as President Kennedy and Congress. "This what we are trying to accomplish, that all Americans are entitled to live in the United States in freedom. Not just the special few, that all Americans have constitutional rights, that deserve to be enforced, not just the special few. And that racist Southerners shouldn't be allowed to deny African-Americans, or anyone else their constitutional rights based on color or race." This is what this speech was about. Someone that the Millennial's should be listening to and studying, that I believe a lot of my generation already gets and why things like interracial and inter-ethnic dating, is now mainstream. Just to use as examples. 

The Hill: Deal Struck to Avoid Messy Floor Fight at GOP Convention

Deal struck to avoid messy floor fight at GOP convention - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Libertarians vs Neoconservatives

Monday, August 27, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Protesters March in Tampa Against GOP Convention: Progressives Taking On Mitt Romney

Progressives taking on Mitt Romney and the Tea Party Republican Party in Tampa, right before the RNC Convention. Probably a good idea on their part, to take on Crony Capitalism and perhaps American Capitalism as a whole, they will certainly get attention in doing this. The Revolutionaries vs the Establishment, in this case the Revolutionaries being Progressive Socialists in the United States. The Establishment being the Republican Party and Corporate America, the problem that both sides have, is that they are both preaching to their choirs. Assuming these Progressives are even religious at all, which is not a safe bet. They are not going to bring in a lot of new followers as far as people who once didn't agree with them and now have seen the light. So to speak and have concluded that they've always been wrong and that we need more government control of the economy. Or we don't need any governmental influence of the economy at all, except to prevent workers from organizing or paying out large subsidies to Corporate America and cutting taxes even further for people who are already doing well. While raising taxes on everyone else.

The New Republic: Noam Scheiber: Joementum

Noam Scheiber: Joementum | The New Republic

If Vice President Biden is reelected in November and he can get his big foot out of his mouth. He'll be a factor in 2016.

The Hill: GOP Seeks to hit Reset with Hispanic Voters

GOP seeks to hit reset with Hispanic voters - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

The GOP can start by stop trying to kick Latinos out of the country and party

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Arizona Public Media: America Experience The Presidents: Jimmy Carter The Man From Plains

Source: Arizona Public Media-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

Had it not have been for 1974 and the Watergate scandal, Jimmy Carter doesn’t get elected President of the United States, at least in 1976. He probably runs for reelection for Governor of Georgia in 1974 and probably gets reelected and waits for 1980. And looks at his options then. Jimmy Carter, basically was in a time that was perfect for someone like him, after Watergate and President Nixon resigning in 1974. Americans were looking for decent honest person to lead the country.

Which is what President Gerry Ford was, but they were also looking for an outsider and a new voice that was not from Washington. Not a cabinet official, or someone in Congress, but a breath of fresh air, someone who wasn’t an elitist and someone who spoke their mind and could take the country on a different course. And perhaps end the gridlock in Washington and to a certain extent that’s what President Carter brought to Washington. He was able to pass a lot of legislation out of Congress.

Yes President Carter, had a Democratic Congress with large majorities, including a 3-5 majority in the Senate his first two years. But he was also able to get a lot of Congressional Republicans to vote for his legislation, because he worked with the Republican Leadership in the House and Senate. He probably actually had more Republican allies in Congress, than Democratic allies. He had problems with Congressional Democrats.

Former Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole who was in Congress during the Carter Administration, once said that Jimmy Carter was the smartest President he had ever served with, which might be true. But great intelligence and knowledge is a great thing to have as President, but you also have to have a political feel as a politician. You have to know what you want to do, where you want to take the country and how far you can take it, based on the political situation and what’s possible.

Which is something that President Carter didn’t have unlike President’s Reagan and Clinton and wasn’t sure how to communicate a message that he could get Americans to rally behind. And move Americans to get their Senators and Representatives behind him. He also had a Democratic Congress to deal with that was run by New Deal/Great Society Progressive/New Left Democrats, that since there was a Democratic President, automatically felt that it was time to move back to days of the Great Society and big government progressivism. And that wasn’t the type of Democrat that Jimmy Carter was.

President Carter, was ahead of his time in the Democratic Party in this sense. That he understood the limits of the Federal Government. And that there was only so much that it could do on its own to solve the nation’s problems and that it was time for a different approach. And even though his political feel wasn’t that good, he understood that by the late 1970s, that America had moved past the Progressive Era. And that Americans were ready for a different approach. Which also caused him problems with Congressional Democrats. So Jimmy Carter, ended up being a President with few allies in Washington, which made his job even more difficult.
Arizona Public Media: American Experience- Jimmy Carter

The Hill: For Some Republicans, Convention could Serve as Springboard to Future

For some Republicans, convention could serve as springboard to future - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

For a lot of Republicans the 2012 RNC is about 2016

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lifetime: Jessica Savitch Intimate Portrait- The Queen of Nightly News

The Queen of Nightly News-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

Jessica Savitch before she tragically died in 1983, was the weekend anchor of NBC Nightly News. Only behind Tom Brokaw at NBC News as far as their anchors and when she died was considered the most trusted news anchor in America. Essentially replacing Walter Cronkite with that title. She was both gorgeous and adorable, but very intelligent and worked very hard at her craft. A true news junky, which is what you almost have to be to be a successful news anchor, as well as a political junky. All traits I love as someone who shares these same traits and she picked up these traits very early on in life, as being the daughter of a news and political junky her father, who she was very close with.

I wasn't born until 1975 so almost everything I've seen from her have been old news footage of her, actually a lot of it on YouTube. And she became a star in network news by the late 1970s, a very turbulent time in America. With an energy shortage, a weak economy, with high interest, inflation and unemployment rates, the Jonestown tragedy in 1978, the Iran Hostage Crisis. America seeming to be in decline by the summer of 1979 and Jessica Savitch was covering all of these stories.

Jessica Savitch was ahead of her time, because she made it to the top, or very close to it by the late 1970s. When network news was still dominated by men and when women were still coming up in this business and had she not died in 1983 tragically, maybe she's the lead anchor of one of the network newscasts for 15-20 years. Like Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, or Dan Rather. She was too big and too good to the weekend anchor indefinitely and could've gone a lot further, if she just had the time to do it.
Lifetime: Intimate Portrait Jessica Savitch

The Hill: Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund Planning Revenge on Mitt Romney

Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund planning revenge on Mitt Romney - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Planned Parenthood is mad as Hell at the GOP and they aint going to take it no more

Friday, August 24, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Mitt Romney: "No One's Asked to See Birth Certificate": Mitt Appealing to Birthers

The New Republic my favorite Liberal magazine has an article out today, thats called Mitt Romney's lost August. That instead of spending this month building up his Presidential Campaign and going into the Republican National Convention with momentum. Especially after coming off of a bad July, where now he's clearly trailing President Obama, not just in the swing States but nationally as well. He's spent most of this month defending himself, even with the selection of Paul Ryan, he's still trailing in the polls, even though Representative Ryan brings a lot to the campaign. As far as likability, something that Mitt doesn't have a whole lot of if you look at the polls. The Romney Campaign has already acknowledge this that this election shouldn't be about whose more likable but who would make a better President. Instead of spending August talking about Mitt's tax plan for the country, they've spent a lot of the month talking about Mitt's own taxes. This is not where you want to be when you are trying to build up your own Presidential Campaign. So now Mitt is looking for a way to regain momentum after he built that up in June with President Obama's bad month.

Another problem that Mitt Romney has it that he's leading a party that doesn't like him and thats way to the right of him on Social Issues. He's not a Culture Warrior and probably doesn't even want to talk about Social Issues and thats not where the GOP is today, just look at their platform. Filled with all sorts of new restrictions on Social Freedom. Its as if Rick Santorum was their Presidential Nominee and not Mitt Romney, so Mitt feels the need to do and say things that. He normally wouldn't do, which offends people who would otherwise vote for him, this Birther joke is the latest example of that today. But don't worry this is Mitt Romney, the Flip Flopper in Chief, he'll find a way to switch his position on his own joke. And say what I was really trying to say is that I was born in Michigan and its glad to be back home or something. That will come shortly after he reads his latest polls.

Mitt Romney is not a Birther or a racist but the problem that he has and the GOP has, is that some of their members are. And he needs some of these people to vote for him unfortunately and feels the need to appeal to them to make that happen. Even if it means cracking Birther jokes, which I believe this is what this is about, which is why I believe he can't win on his own. He can't appeal to both Independents and Neoconservatives, Neoconservatives want a Far Right ideologue and Independents want a competent manager, those two things are different.

The New Republic: Mitt Romney's Lost August

Romney's Lost August | The New Republic

A problem that Mitt Romney has it that he's trying to lead a party that doesn't like him and thats way to the right of him on Social Issues. So to get them to vote for him, he has to do things that offends people who would otherwise vote for him.

The Hill: Sen. Claire McCaskill Avoids Attacking Rep. Todd Akin in Hopes of Keeping him in the Race

McCaskill avoids Akin attacks in hopes of keeping him in the race - The Hill's Ballot Box 

Why pound on your opponent when he's already down for the count

Thursday, August 23, 2012

FRSFreeState: "Clear Choice": Obama for America TV Ad; Progressing Forward or Returning to The 1950s

To know how different the two major political parties in America are, just look at the party platforms. Democrats believe in Equal Rights under the Law for all, Republicans believe, that people should be allowed to discriminate against others based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or nationality. In the name of Property Rights, Democrats believe in the Right of Privacy, that Big Government shouldn't come into our homes and interfere with what we do in private. Republicans would like to ban pornography, Same Sex Marriage and perhaps homosexuality all together. Democrats see non Christian Religions for what they are, Religions to state the obvious, Republican see them as cults and even political ideologies that are Un American. Democrats recognize America for what it is, a huge, vast diverse country in so many ways and that we are all American. Republicans have this 1950s view of what America is and if you don't believe in what they do or live your life the way they do, you are somehow Un American. Democrats believe that all Americans should be allowed to vote under law. Republicans believe that only people who think and look like them should be allowed to vote under law, which is what Voter ID/Prevention is about.

The 2012 General Elections are not about moving forward or returning to the Bush years but moving forward or returning to the 1950s, when America was more culturally Conservative. Mitt Romney is not a Tea Party Republican at least culturally, I don't see him as a Big Government Republican on Social Issues. But thats the party he'll be leading a Big Government Party when it comes to Social Freedom, people who believe that Americans simply have too much Social Freedom. And thats what's hurting our country, our National Security and Morality as they see it, the party platforms are a perfect example of that. And Mitt is not known for taking on his own party, the fringe in it that lately has become the base of the party, rather then the fringe. Mitt is someone who at least at one time believed in Equal Rights for homosexuals and thats not where his party is.

The 2012 General Elections is yes about the economy and that the number one issue but there's so much more then that. Its about preserving the Individual Freedom that we have or letting Neoconservative Republicans take over the Federal Government and watch them try to turn. The most modern country in the World and take it back to the 1950s where people today, who don't vote Republican. Weren't much of a factor in the country.

The New Republic: Can Elizabeth Warren Use Todd Akin And Paul Ryan To Remind Voters That Re-Electing Scott Brown Means Putting Those Other Republicans In Charge?

Can Elizabeth Warren Use Todd Akin And Paul Ryan To Remind Voters That Re-Electing Scott Brown Means Putting Those Other Republicans In Charge? | The New Republic

Scott Brown might know Todd Akin but he's no Todd Akin

The Hill: Team Obama Breaks Precedent to Try to Spoil Mitt Romney’s Convention in Tampa

Team Obama breaks precedent to try to spoil Romney’s convention in Tampa - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Actually the secret plan to derail the GOP Convention is a hurricane, that was put together by the National Weather Service. Under the instructions of the President.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: President Obama: "Don't Boo, Vote": Getting Young Voters To The Polls

Barack Obama when he ran for President in 2008 and was elected, won the vote of young people overwhelmingly, something like 2/3 of it. Which is a big reason why he's President today and a big part of that was, because young voters saw him as something they've never seen from a politician before. Someone who was inspirational and to be frank someone who was cool culturally, someone who had similar interests as they did. Which is a big way to get young people to support you, they have to like you personally for them to do that, you can't be seen as stiff or too smart. One reason why young adults don't tend to vote, because they got this strange idea that government and politics doesn't affect them and they don't see politics as cool. Usually unless the politician is from their generation or young and can connect with them socially, they like similar music and movies. That they are familiar and use Pop Culture references in their speeches, which is one thing. That Paul Ryan brings to the Romney Campaign, well Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are essentially from the same generation, even though not technically and they are both good at speaking to young people.

Those same young people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, are obviously four years older today and if they are Gen Y, perhaps they are just getting out of college. And if they are older then that, perhaps have just been laid off and out of work and if they have found another job. Perhaps it only pays 50% of what they use to make but they still have those same college loans that they still have to pay off and are wondering how are they going to do that. And perhaps still see President Obama as a cool politician but that doesn't pay their bills and are looking. For a way to do that, how are they going to payoff their their Student Loan Debt and get a good job that can support them, especially with the level of education that they have. That they spent 4-6 years to get and are worse off today then they were four years ago. Which means they aren't automatically going to vote for President Obama if they bother to vote at all, which is a problem for the President.

Back in 2008 there were a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama for President, that couldn't name half of Senator Obama's positions let alone most of them. Or didn't know what most of his positions were but voted for him anyway because they liked him and saw him as cool. Thats not going to happen this time, for the President to get these votes again that he needs to be reelected. He's going to have to give them reasons to vote for him on policy as well.

The New Republic: Daily Breakdown: President Obama Leads In NBC News/WSJ Poll

Daily Breakdown: Obama Leads In NBC/WSJ Poll | The New Republic

Thank you Paul Ryan

The New Republic: Rep. Todd Akin Gives Democrats An Edge In The Fight For Control Of Senate

Akin Gives Democrats An Edge In The Fight For Control Of Senate | The New Republic

Republicans can't stop shooting themselves in the foot

USA Today Opinion: Give third parties a voice

Give third parties a voice –

How about an Independence Party to become what the GOP use to be and let the Neoconservatives have today's GOP to themselves.

The Hill: Mitt's target number to take Hispanic vote from President Obama: 38 percent

Mitt's target number to take Hispanic vote from Obama: 38 percent - The Hill's Ballot Box

Mitt Romney will be lucky to get 30% of the Latino Vote

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: "Says He's Happy to Cling to Guns & Religion: Its The Economy Stupid

If the Ryan/Romney Campaign wants to make the elections about the economy, then they have a shot, because they'll be able to tell Americans how bad things are and so fourth. And be able to make a case that what we are doing right now is not working and that we need to change course and so fourth. Now at some point they are going to have to offer an alternative plan in what they would do instead that can get people who haven't decided who to vote for yet. A reason to vote for them, otherwise they are going to sound like Tom Dewey in 1948, someone who says what he's against and what he wants to do. But has no plan to get to where he wants to go, someone who could give good speeches but was light on substance. But a lot of Republicans the Culture Warriors in the party, like Todd Akin and others want to make this election about Social Issues. That the reason why America is slipping is that because our morals aren't as strong as they use to be. That homosexuality and pornography and Hollywood and so fourth have too much influence on American Culture. And that we as a country need to put limits and restrictions, for America to get back to its greatness and so fourth and if thats the campaign that Republicans want to run. They'll lose because Liberals are now winning the Culture War.

The Romney/Ryan Campaign would be smart to abandon the Culture War and to convince Culture Warriors that this is not the time to fight these battles. We can't win on them and this election is about the economy, Mitt Romney was very smart to denounce Todd Akin's. "Legitimate rape" statement yesterday and the RNC was smart to ask Representative Akin to step down. And that they would no longer fund his campaign for the Senate, this could cost Mitt Romney votes with Culture Warriors who perhaps actually agree with what Representative Akine said. But thats the only way Mitt Romney can win this election, make it about the economy and this is my plan to turn things around. Because Neoconservatives are now losing the Culture War, things like homosexuality, abortion, pornography, immigration, integration, Same Sex Marriage, the War on Drugs. These are all issues that now play well for Liberals, which is why the Obama Campaign has recently pushed some of these issues.

Unless you are a real Conservative Republican and these people seem to be dying off in the GOP or have left the GOP. You are not interested in fighting the Culture War but if you are a Neoconservative Republican, you always want to fight the Culture War. And tell Americans that one of our problems is that we have too much freedom and we need new limits on our freedom. People like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann are your heros but thats just not where most of the country is right now.

The Hill: 50 Wealthiest Lawmakers

The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest lawmakers - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Elitism is a Bi Partisan condition in Congress

The Hill: Rep. Clay Akin Vows to Stay in Race as GOP Amps up Pressure on him

Akin vows to stay in race as GOP amps up pressure on him - The Hill's Ballot Box

Democrats should be pouring money into Claire Mcc
askill because the Akin Campaign won't have the resources to fight back

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bob Parker-CBS News: 1968, A Year That Changed America

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

I think one thing that separates America and makes us stronger than anyone else is that we can go through a year like 1968 and get through it and survive it. And still remain one country, unlike other countries that tend to go through such division between the people and their government and overall establishment of the country in one year and you see them come apart. With the government falling and perhaps even leading to some type of civil war. Egypt comes to mind pretty fast and what is going on in Syria and Venezuela right now are other good examples.

Having said all of that, its hard to find anything good about 1968 other than maybe the music and the fact that we started to get along better as far as race relations. Where racism and other types of bigotry started to really go out of style. And bigots were left to hide their bigotry or pay serious prices for it. But other than that 1968 was one big disaster after another. A year full of violence with murders and assassinations, the President of the United States deciding not to even bother running for reelection because there were so many people who literally hated him in both parties.

And that is just about the domestic scene in America, but then you go to the Vietnam War itself with Americans finally figuring out that we are not just losing the war, but it is probably lost. And we started seeing all of those dead American soldiers coming home from it. I guess one good thing about 1968 is that Americans finally woke up. And figured out that their government not only doesn’t always tell the truth, but they even lie to their people. The Johnson Administration saying that they were making progress in Vietnam when they knew the opposite was true and that Communist Vietnam was getting stronger.

1968 represents the 1960s as well as it could possibly be. A year of revolution, protest, violence, people coming together from multiple races to be part of the same movement. Where millions of Americans became free to be themselves and no long feel like they had to live a certain way of life in order to fit in or even be good people. 1968 was a shakeup of the entire United States and perhaps was something that the country needed. Even with all the violence and the lost of lives in that decade so Americans would know about the problems in the country, but also what could be done about them. And what also makes us great as a country which is our freedom and diversity.
Bob Parker-CBS News: 1968, a Year That Changed America

FRSFreeState: The Economist: "The Meaning of Paul Ryan": What he Brings To The Presidential Election

To state the obvious and hopefully this will be the last time I do this in this post, Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin. He's gotten to where he is in life based on his accomplishments and intelligence and knowledge about issues he works on and is a very likable guy to go along with that. He's a charming nerd unlike Sarah Palin whose famous because of her personality and saying a lot of ignorant things. About issues she's not very informed about, Sarah Palin is not even a very good spokesperson for Neoconservative Culture Warriors, she makes them look even more ignorant and bigoted, then they perhaps are. Paul Ryan is a very good spokesperson for Economic Conservatives, that believe that government taxes and regulates too much and that the Federal Government is over centralized. But Paul Ryan is a lightning bolt for Economic Conservatives who aren't in love with Mitt Romney yet but love Paul Ryan but he's also a lightning bolt for Democrats who want to make. Mitt Romney look extreme, as someone whose going to cut taxes and regulations for the wealthy and business's, at the expense of everyone else. And be able to tie Mitt Romney to the Tea Party and hurt him with Independent Voters.

So Paul Ryan is a divisive figure and now that he's Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee, will give Americans a clear choice in who to vote for. Two very different visions and directions in where to take the country, with President Obama it will be about rebuilding the country. To put millions of workers back to work, as well as cutting taxes for the Middle Class and Small Business's to encourage Consumer Spending and Economic Growth. And with Mitt Romney it will be about cutting taxes and regulations for the wealthy and corporations, to encourage the flow of capital in the economy.

The New Republic: President Obama, Culture Warrior

President Obama, Culture Warrior | The New Republic

Liberal Democrats are now winning the Culture War

The Hill: Romney Campaign Keeping Debate Over Medicare on Center Stage

Romney campaign keeping debate over Medicare on center stage - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

The Romney Campaign playing with a time bomb on Medicare

Sunday, August 19, 2012

AP: Rep. Akin: "Pregnancy from rape is 'really rare"

Rep. Akin: Pregnancy from rape is 'really rare'

This schmuck is going to save this seat for Senate Democrats

The Hill: With Paul Ryan on ticket, right’s worries over his business tax plans ease

With Ryan on ticket, right’s worries over his business tax plans ease - The Hill's On The Money

Paul Ryan is not a real Fiscal Conservative that he and his supporters claim he is

David Von Pein: The Zapruder Film is Shown on Goodnight America With Geraldo Rivera- MARCH 6, 1975

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press: David Von Pein: The Zapruder Film is Shown on Goodnight America With Geraldo Rivera- MARCH 6, 1975

I don't believe there is any question who assassinated President John F. Kennedy. That man is obviously Lee Harvey Oswald. He had the access, the motive, the ability, his gun was the gun that killed President Kennedy, his fingerprints were on the gun. If he ever made it to trial he would have had to pleaded guilty to have any shot in hell (where he's currently residing) to have any shot in hell of avoiding the death penalty. That is not the question as far as who actually killed President Kennedy. And for anyone who disagrees with that, you really should treat them as if they're mental patients, or liars like Roger Stone to use as an example. Whose probably made millions from his books with his own JFK assassination conspiracy theories.

The only question for me is did anyone else put Lee Oswald up to the assassination  and then used him as their patsy. Knowing he was going to get caught and probably given the death penalty as a result, but Oswald agreed to do it anyway. Jack Kennedy, had a lot of enemies in Texas and Dallas perhaps especially both on the Far-Left where Oswald represented as a Marxist. But on the Far-Right for his support for civil and equal rights for African-Americans. And for his economic liberalism and wanting to use government to create new economic opportunity for people who needed it. But from organized crime especially the Italian Mafia, because of his administration's crackdown on organized crime. Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald had organize crime connections as well. Which just ignites the organize crime theory behind the JFK assassination.

We know, at least anyone who both has a brain and is sane at the same time, which is an accomplishment unfortunately for too many Americans, who assassinated President John Kennedy. The question was there anyone else involved or not. Was this something that was just put together by a highly intelligent and sharp man who was also deranged and a loser all in the same person. Or did he not only have help as far as actually pulling off the assassination with a second shooter and have people behind them that put the hit out and hired them to do it. Was Oswald the lone shooter, but was hired by others to assassinate the President. These are the questions that I at least and a lot of other intelligent sane Americans don't have the answers to yet. Which is why speculation in this case still goes on. And how the Roger Stone's of the world make their money.

Friday, August 17, 2012

History Day: Iran Hostage Crisis Documentary 4th in State

President Jimmy Carter-
History Day: Iran Hostage Crisis Documentary 4th in State

What a crazy time for America and Iran. The Iranian people were fed up with their dictatorial authoritarian government that they had in Iran under the Shah that both the United Kingdom and United States backed for almost forty years and even installed in Iran. So what you had was a bunch of Islamic theocratic revolutionaries under Ruhollah Khomeini decided to stand up and the Shah knew he no longer had the authority to lead his country and decided to leave his country. Which left a power shortage in Iran with a new Islamic theocratic government under Supreme Leader Khomeini coming into place.

And because America had backed the Shah for so long and President Jimmy Carter saying that the Shah was such a fine leader and good man for Iran, these Iranian revolutionaries decided to take out their frustration and anger on what was left of American involvement in Iran which was our embassy there. And took about hundred American U.S. embassy employees hostage. Which is how the Iranian hostage crisis started. Which was essentially the end of Jimmy Carter as a strong leader in America, or even having the potential of being a strong leader of the United States. Because now America looked weak compared to a third-world country and was held hostage.

FRSFreeState: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: "President Obama Is Out of Ideas": Paul Ryan is Running out of Facts

Looks like the new tact for the Romney/Ryan Campaign is to try to make President Obama look like an angry man. Whose frustrated about where the country is and where his Presidency is and has run out of ideas in where to take the country. So he's going to do whatever it takes to win, because he know he can't run on his own record, including lying about the other side. This was tried against President Carter by the Reagan/Bush Campaign in 1980, it actually worked then. The problem this time, besides the Romney/Ryan Campaign' theory about the President. Is their Ticket is not as nearly as strong as the Reagan/Bush Ticket of 1980 and the Obama/Biden Ticket is not as nearly as weak as it was in 1980. Other then maybe Medicare the Romney/Ryan Campaign doesn't have any new ideas, their team is made up of mostly advisers of President Bush, where's the new blood and ideas for this campaign. They don't have a Foreign Policy yet other then they want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars more on defense, while they cut taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars for the wealthy. And actually raise taxes on the Middle Class, in a time where they say our budget deficit and debt and spending by the Federal Government is out of control.

What Romney/Ryan want to do is to create a Time Machine and take us back to 2001, as if this were was still the Bush Administration. And return to the old politics of Borrow and Spend Economics, that they would call Supply Side Economics. And a shoot first ask questions later Foreign Policy, we've already been down this road and its led us to the road that we are on. By the way President Obama would like to cut Corporate Taxes as well, as long as it goes with eliminating Corporate Welfare, something that Republicans aren't serious about. What we would get from Romney/Ryan, is cut Corporate Taxes and to look at eliminating Corporate Welfare in the future. What President Obama wants to do is basically rebuild the country, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries. Putting all of these people back to work rebuilding our infrastructure while Romney/Ryan want to go back to the future.

The current tact of how Romney/Ryan is going to go after the Obama Campaign is pretty obvious. That this Presidency is running on fumes and now angry and they are going to take their frustration out on Mitt Romney. Its not going to work, both campaigns are going to flood the country with negative campaigning, thats just the State of American Politics. The difference being that President Obama actually has a vision of where he wants to take the country. Which is what you see at his Campaign Events.

The New Republic: Artur Davis And Other Democratic Party Apostates: A Brief Taxonomy | The New Republic

Artur Davis And Other Democratic Party Apostates: A Brief Taxonomy | The New Republic

Was the Democratic Party ever a good fit for Artur Davis

The Hill: With Paul Ryan, GOP insists it has upper hand over Obama in fight over Medicare - The Hill's Healthwatch

With Ryan, GOP insists it has upper hand over Obama in fight over Medicare - The Hill's Healthwatch

Republicans are asking to get struck by lightning over Medicare

Thursday, August 16, 2012

GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: "Bring on Medicare Debate": You Got It Paul!

Here's a summary of what Representative Paul Ryan who will be Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee said on the Campaign Trail today. That President Obama inherited a bad situation, well gee you think, its called the "Great Recession" for crying out loud, you don't get a title like that. Unless its a real bad situation, Representative Ryan doing his impression of Captain Obvious today. With more lines like that, he could be headed to being promoted to Major Obvious but here is where Paul Ryan was wrong, that President Obama made things even worse. Its time for another history lesson for Representative Ryan, who was in the House for the entire time of the Bush Administration. President Bush back in 2001 inherited a growing economy that yes was slowing down from the Economic Boom of the 1990s, that created 22M jobs from 1993-2001, with 4.2% unemployment. The lowest poverty level in at least a generation if not a couple generations of 13%. With basically no inflation, with very low interest rates, a budget surplus, for consecutive budget surplus's. An a debt of around 4T$ that was going down, if you remember that period of the late 1990s and 2000, the fear was that America was going to pay off its debt too soon. How times have changed.

Now lets fast forward to eight years and then I'll go back to point out a few highlights of the previous eight years. The "Great Recession" occurs in September, 2008 as a result of the collapse of Wall Street, people losing their life long savings and investments. While at the same time losing their jobs with all of the business's drowning in red ink if not going under all together. A National Debt of approaching 11T$ up 7T$ in just eight years, unemployment over 7% up from just 4.2% eight years prior. Poverty at its highest level in a generation, a 1T$ budget deficit, all of these things occurring in just eight years and lets look at how we got there. Two 1T$ Tax Cuts that weren't paid for in 2001 and 2003, to unfunded wars in 2001 and 2003, over a trillion dollars each and of course the 500B$ Medicare Advantage plan that. Wasn't paid for that Representative Ryan had a role in writing in the House in 2003. That of course wasn't paid for, as well as not regulating Wall Street by the Bush Administration.

Before Barack Obama even became President in January, 2009, the United States had just lost 2M jobs in December in January total. And the economy was subtracting at 7%, fast forward that three and a half years later, things are still bad but the economy is growing for now three years in a row. And we've been adding jobs net each month since the Winter of 2010, including 160K jobs last month. Before Paul Ryan puts all the blame on President Obama, he should look at his own role in creating the mess of the Bush Administration, like all of that money he voted to but on the National Debt Card. What the President and Congress actually did with Medicare, was close the doughnut in the Prescription Drug plan and limit payments to the. Health Insurance Industry, so they could pay for Medicare Advantage that Representative Ryan and others voted not to pay for when they created Medicare Advantage.

It gets back to that old saying that you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. We all have to share the facts, good, bad or in between, that is for anyone who believes in facts and these attacks on President Obama is an excellent example of that. That running against him based on current facts is not good enough to win. That we have to make things look worse in order to beat the President.

The New Republic: How Mitt Romney is Getting Away With Playing The Welfare Card Against President Obama

How Romney’s Getting Away With Playing The Welfare Card Against Obama | The New Republic

Mitt Romney's Welfare Attack on President Obama, represents an example of shoot in the dark politics. You come up with the worst charge that you can, based on whatever negative info you may have. And you make it sound as bad as you can. Its not about the truth but what's believable.

The Hill: Democratic Rep. Barney Frank to attend Marijuana Legalization Rally on Boston Common

Rep. Frank to attend marijuana legalization rally on Boston Common - The Hill's Floor Action I wish more Congressional Democrats believed in Legalizing Marijuana to Regulate and Tax it like Alcohol

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FRSFreeState: Vice President Biden Draws Mitt Romney Rebuke With 'Chains' Remark: Why Rhetoric Like This is not Helpful

One of the advantages the Obama Campaign has in running against an opponent like Mitt Romney. Is that they don't have to demagogue or make things up or stretch the truth. What comes out of Governor Romney's and his deputies mouthes, is bad enough from a Democratic perspective and I believe an Independent perspective as well. Quotes like Mitt doesn't care about poor people or he's unemployed, corporations are people, he doesn't know how much he pays in taxes and so fourth. And you add that to his laundry list of flip flops, like being in favor of his Healthcare Reform plan before he was against it. Before he was for it again which is what he said last week and so fourth. The Obama Campaign will have a mountain of quotes and ideas from Mitt if they choose to use them, that they'll be able to use against the Romney Campaign and Paul Ryan will just reenforce that. The Obama Campaign will be able to run against Mitt Romney the man and just use what he has said and done against him, rather then trying to make really bad lines and policies. Look even worse then they already are.

The unchain remark about wanting to repeal the 2010 Dodd-Frank Law that regulates Wall Street. And essentially go back to the days of the Bush Administration and not regulate Wall Street, which is a big reason for Wall Street collapsing in 2008. And then Tax Payers got to bail out these big banks for the bad behavior of these big banks, is legitimate because Mitt Romney essentially believes. That Wall Street shouldn't be regulated, because it hurts investors, which hurts the economy and to use that against Mitt is legitimate. But to make that seem even worse then it actually is and try to make it sound like Mitt wants to take America back to when. African Slaves were being held in chains, which of course there's no evidence for that. Is taking it too far, negative campaigning is legitimate when its factually based. This kinda rhetoric might work with the partisan fringe of the Democratic Party but will hurt them everywhere else.

Negative campaigning is legitimate when its correct and you have an alternative vision of what you would do instead. Its over the top and just looks like politics as usual and makes you look like a typical career politician that will say anything to win elections, when you make things up or take them out of context. Which is what the taking the country back to the chain days line is.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan: Budget Villain or Visionary?: The Philosophy of Paul Ryan

I don't like or respect the Ryan Plan, because it puts the bulk load of Deficit Reduction on people who don't have the ability to take care of themselves. If his plan was about empowering people who lack the skills to take care of themselves and putting these people to work. Or empowering workers who are also on Public Assistance to pay their bills and save money that way. To help pay down the debt and deficit, that I could respect, like and agree with. But Representative Paul Ryan's idea of Deficit Reduction, is take it out of people who can't fend for themselves. Does nothing about Entitlement Reform that would actually save those programs, does nothing about the Defense Budget or the Tax Code. And he still doesn't balance the Federal Budget, his own plan project trillion dollar deficits ten years from now, which is kinda odd to me that so called. Fiscal Conservatives would be so in love with this plan and I can see why members of the Tea Party aren't in love with it, at least not as much and why Libertarians don't like the plan either. Liberals such as myself don't like it because its not a serious plan and its not balance. Progressives don't like it because they really don't like anything that relates to Entitlement Reform, unless it has to do with expansion.

One thing I do respect about Representative Paul Ryan is that he expects all physically and mentally able bodied people. To work and be able to take care of themselves and that we shouldn't have an open ended commitment for people to live on Public Assistance, who are physically and mentally. Able to work full time and be able to fend for themselves, what separates me from him, is that I believe as a country we should be empowering people who don't have the skills yet. To take care of themselves, give them the resources to go back to school, get them into Job Training and even help them with Job Placement so they can have a good job. Then they are no longer on Public Assistance but paying their own bill and even paying into the programs they once collected from. Thats one thing that separates me as a Liberal from Progressives and the Tea Party.

So if you combine Paul Ryan's approach of all physically and mentally able people should be expected to work for a living. And not be able to live off of Public Assistance indefinitely, with Bill Clinton's approach that Public Assistance should no longer be free. And we should empower people on Public Assistance to get themselves the skills that they need to be able to take care of themselves. Then we would have a real philosophy in how to deal with poverty in America, we already have this on the left, just not from the right.

Monday, August 13, 2012

FRSFreeState: Economic Growth and the 2012 Presidential Election: Where We Were and Where We Can Go

The common wisdom is that during a Presidential Election, that if the economy is bad and there's an incumbent President running for reelection. That the President loses to the opposition and their party probably loses in Congress as well, 1992, 1980, 1976 to a certain extent and 1932 are excellent examples of this. Where the President in each of those elections loses reelection and a big reason for that had to do with the economy. The other common wisdom is that when the economy is good or at least looks like its improving, the President up for reelection gets reelected and generally in a landslide. 1996, 1984, 1964, 1956 are all excellent examples of that. But I don't believe this is a normal election and we'll all know in about three months and here's why. Because of what the situation was when President Obama took over in 2009 and where we are now. The economy is no longer falling, we are no longer losing jobs, we instead are growing as an economy and we've been creating jobs for over two years consecutively each month. Which means that President Obama needs to remind people of this and for the people who haven't benefited from this slow economy yet. Show them how reelecting him would benefit them as well and for Mitt Romney to remind the country how bad things have been and how things will improve under a Romney Administration.

The good news for American Voters is that they will definitely have a clear choice in who to vote for in November. And two clearly different directions in where the country could go if President Obama is reelected or Governor Romney is elected. President Obama's vision on how to achieve strong Economic and Job Growth, is through rebuilding the country. And putting unemployed workers, especially in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries back to work doing the work. Of rebuilding the country as well as developing a National Energy Policy that would create jobs in several different new Energy Industries and cutting taxes for Middle Class workers. Who could use the relief and would spend that money and help pay down their debt which is a big problem for the economy right now, people not spending money because of all the debt they've racked up.

Mitt Romney's plan to achieve Economic and Job Growth, is cutting taxes additionally for wealthy people and business's. Cutting regulations additionally for business's in hopes that would free up money in the economy for employers to want to hire new workers and put those people back to work. And then they would have money to spend, this approach has been tried before back in the Bush Administration and we'll see if voters are ready to do it again. So the country will definitely have a choice in who to vote for in November.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

David Von Pein: Theodore H. White- The Making of a President 1960

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

The 1960 United States presidential campaign was one of the best ever, because of who ran for President. The Democratic Party nominated the best person they had in Senator John Kennedy and the Republican Party nominated the best person they had in Vice President Richard Nixon. It was literally the best vs the best. Two men that represented the now and future of their party, who were the leaders of their party. It gave American voters a clear choice in who to select to be the next President and who to be the next President early in the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

It gave people another choice as well. Do we want to continue to do what we were doing as a country. Have the Federal Government stay the course and not make any big changes, or do we want to try a different path. Senator Kennedy tried and I believe was successful in making the argument that America was stagnating not moving and advancing as fast as it could. And that Vice President Nixon represented this conservative approach of not moving real fast, staying back and seeing how things develop. Where Vice President Nixon tried to make the argument that America wasn’t ready to chart a different course.

Dick Nixon didn’t want to chart a course with a somewhat young and inexperienced Senator that had never been an executive before. Thats the choice that America had for President in 1960. What Jack Kennedy represented for the country was a true vision of where he wanted to take the country and how we would get there. Making the argument that America was sitting still in the 1950s under President Eisenhower who was somewhat conservative. And that the country wasn’t advancing fast enough. And sitting still and even falling behind.

The recession of the late 1950s helped Senator Kennedy make the case that its time to move again. And Dick Nixon President Eisenhower’s loyal and influential Vice President represented the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Vice President Nixon I believe didn’t do much to counter this argument or defend himself. But what he did instead was try to make this campaign about Jack Kennedy’s youth and inexperience. Even though they both came to Congress the same time in 1947 to the House and were friends there. And remained friends when Nixon became Vice President in 1953 and Kennedy was elected to the Senate the same year. And Nixon was only four years older and were in the same generation.

One difference between Jack Kennedy and Dick Nixon, was that Kennedy did offer the country a change of course. That would finish off what was created in the 1930s with the New Deal. But in a different way, focusing on health care, civil rights and tax cuts. Making the case the country was overtaxed. Where I believe Nixon didn’t have what’s called the vision thing, at least in 1960. He developed that by 1968 when he was elected President. But 1960 for him was, “this is what’s been working, so lets continue what we’ve done.”

Friday, August 10, 2012

ICNA Chicago: The Life of Malcolm X

Source: ICNA Chicago-
Source: ICNA Chicago: The Life of Malcolm X- Trailer

Malcolm X, represents to me many ways what the American Dream and what that is and should be. Someone who started from very rough beginnings, essentially came from nothing and worked his way up in life. And got so far, that people actually saw him as a threat, or his message of freedom and responsibility, not just for African-Americans, but for all Americans, as threats. By the time he died, he believed that people should be judged as people. Who moved towards Dr. Martin King when it came to civil rights. By the time he died, even as a young man he was in prison and at one point was even a racist. He saw all Caucasians as racists or “White Devils”, and not just as people and not just the people. And not just the racists, but all Caucasians.

But once Malcolm left prison and left the Nation of Islam, he got himself educated and started hanging out with Caucasians that weren’t racist and believed in similar things. And learned better and that perhaps he could work with them so they could all accomplish the same things. That all Americans should be treated equally under law and not be held down because of their race. I wrote a blog arguing this a few months ago. But Malcolm X’s message was about freedom and responsibility. That people shouldn’t expect to be given things. That if we wanted to achieve anything in life and be successful, that we had to go out and achieve those things and not settle for failure.

That people, shouldn’t settle for poverty, or anything else. That the way to avoid these things, were to go out and get ourselves educated, work hard and be productive. Rather than expect government, or anyone else to hand us those things. Which is why I believe if Malcolm X were alive today, he would be a classical Liberal Democrat or Conservative, not exactly registered to either party. But he would have that mindset, that people shouldn’t expect government, or other people to take care of themselves. But they needed to be able to do that for themselves, if they expected to be successful in life. Had both Malcolm X and Martin King lived a natural life, meaning they didn’t die at a young age and lived into their senior years and not have been murdered, or killed, but died through natural causes, America would be a much different country and not just for African-Americans. Both of them would’ve helped a lot of people who weren’t free to live their own lives. Be able to achieve those things for themselves by preaching the message of individual freedom and personal responsibility through education.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today in History for August 9th: The Important Events on This Day in History

What's interesting to me at least about this day in history, are a couple of events. The Manson Family murders, including of actress Sharon Tate and several others. And of course President Richard Nixon leaving the White House to go back to California after just resigning from office due to the Watergate Scandal. The Manson Family led by Charlie Manson, this very strange but not crazy, just a very weird but intelligent little man in physical stature but who had a very commanding ora. That could make people with similar views of the World, basically do whatever he wanted them to do. Not all of them, some of them were smart enough to leave the cult before they did anything they would always regret, like murdering someone but for Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins and others, they were along for the whole ride. And are still paying for these murders over forty years later, in Susan Atkins case she died in prison just three years ago. These were crimes against the establishment, murdering people who they saw as part of the establishment and people such as themselves down in society. Even though most of the people came from loving Middle Class families.

Again of course in 1974 on this date, the Watergate Scandal at least as far as how it relates to the White House. Finally comes to an end, with the Leader of the Coverup the President of the United States, finally stepping aside to let the country move on from it. But also to save himself from being impeached and convicted, as President Nixon gave a very good farewell address to the White House Staff. And the new President Gerald Ford giving a very good speech after just be sworn in, essentially saying that our Constitution and form of government works. And thats what got us through the Watergate Scandal. So a very interesting day in history August, 9th.