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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ABC World News: "One More Unwelcome Moment Ends Romney Overseas Trip": Mitt Romney the Statesman?

If Mitt Romney had a vision that his oversees trip to Europe and Israel was going to put him on center stage ahead of President Obama. Its time to go back to the drawing board and say that didn't work, the President still has a lead and if anything this trip will cost Governor Romney some support. He starts off in the United Kingdom by insulting the Brits, making a true statement or at least an honest statement, that he believes Britain wasn't fully prepared to host the Summer Olympics. Where he gets beat up in the British Press and to a certain extent the American Press as well and goes to Israel and takes a shot at the Palestinians saying they aren't read as a people to understand economics. I'm paraphrasing, costing him whatever shot he had at doing well with the Arab American Community, especially in States like Michigan, Mitt's birthplace by the way, just outside of Detroit. Thanks to the War in Iraq, War on Terror, the Obama Administration's backing of Israel as a lot of Arab Americans see it, the Arab Vote in America at least going into this election. Was probably up for grabs, just like Republicans at least at one point in this election, had a shot at doing well with Asian and Latin Americans. These votes are probably not up for grabs now.

The ironic thing about this story is that what Mitt Romney said in defense of his non diplomatic statements. Saying that he has a tendency of saying what he's thinking at the time he's asked questions and what I'm thinking about that. My question would be which Mitt Romney is he referring to, because he has a tendency to take 3-4 positions on any given important issue, his latest flip flop. Being that he believes that some Gun Control restrictions are reasonable, which may play well with some Independents but is going to hurt him with the NRA and most of the Republican Party. That doesn't believe in any Gun Control, when you think of Mitt Romney, don't think of Joe Biden who always seems to be on some form of truth serum when he speaks. His position on Same Sex Marriage where he said he doesn't have a problem with that a couple of months ago, being the latest. When you think of Mitt Romney think of someone with multiple personalities, that feels the need to please anyone who he believes he needs them to vote for him. Even if that means taking multiple positions on the same issues.

It would be great and refreshing if Mitt Romney was a statesman, someone who's interested in doing what's right. Whose more interested in the next generation then the next election, to paraphrase Ron Paul but that aint Mitt, Mitt's about what do I have to say to please whoever I'm talking to. And how do I amend that in a way so I don't offend the next group of people that I'm talking to, which is very different.

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