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Monday, June 4, 2012

WHPS Jay Carney: "President Clinton Supports President Obama on Economy": Its Complicated Between Bill and Barack

In the 1990s there was no doubt who the Leader of the Democratic Party was, it was Bill Clinton, just like George W. Bush was the Leader of the Republican Party, last decade. But of course in 2001, President Clinton leaves office and President Bush becomes President and Democrats were back in he Opposition and of course since we don't have an official Leader of the Opposition in America. There was a huge void in the Democratic Party, where should we go, should we continue the politics of Democratic Liberalism, recognizing the limits of the Federal Government. Protecting Individual Rights and using government to empower people who we need it or do we go back to the old days of the Democratic Party. And back to the New Deal Coalition of Progressivism and work to expand the New Deal, do we stay left or do we move further left. And Democrats were caught in between, again because they didn't have that one Leader to bring them together. Which is how they lost two more elections in 2002 and 2004, because they didn't have that one Leader that could bring the whole party together.

Barack Obama filled that void in the Democratic Party in 2008 and has kept it ever since. The politics of President Clinton and President Obama are very similar, President Clinton is probably a bit more Liberal on Social Issues but their rhetoric is very different. They both govern as Pragmatic Liberals but President Obama tends to use the rhetoric of a Progressive Populist and thats just not President Clinton's politics. One of the reasons why he ran for President, was to move the Democratic Party past George McGovern Progressivism, after he saw Democrats lose, 5-6 Presidential Elections from 1968-88. So when he hears the President use rhetoric he doesn't agree with, even if its just to appeal to Progressives, he doesn't like it and feels the need to speak out. And also President Clinton represents the Democratic Party of 15-20 years ago and President Obama leads the Democrats today.

Its not political differences that separate President Clinton and President Obama, on substance they tend to agree. But it has more to do with style, who they speak to and who they speak for. And what they are willing to say to get support and President Obama's critique of Mitt Romney's record in Corporate America. Is a pretty good example of that, considering that President Clinton sees Mitt Romney as a very successful and legitimate businessman.

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