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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Transportation Bill Is Critical for America's Productivity: Why Infrastructure Investment is Important

Infrastructure Investment use to be the most Bi Partisan thing in Congress, both in the House and Senate. Because it gave members the opportunity to bring money home to their Districts and States, to fix roads, bridges, airports, dams, schools even. As well as building new roads, bridges etc and be able to do it in a Fiscally Responsible way, because all of these projects would be paid for. Through the Gas Tax, Congress doesn't have to borrow money for to pay for these projects or even raise taxes to pay for it and its also not something that we have to rely on the Federal Government to do. All they have to do is to approve for either new projects to be created or old ones to be repaired or reformed but they wouldn't have to do the work themselves. Because Infrastructure Investment is a Public Private Partnership, these are the Federal Projects, that need to be worked on. And they would award contracts to Private Companies to do work, it gives them work to do and as a result they go out and hire new employees to do the work. Which is why Infrastructure Investment is a job creator, because it creates new work and demand that needs to be done. And give companies the work to do and they give this work to their employees, as well as hire new employees to do the work.

I don't want to sound partisan here but be factual, thanks to the Tea Party, thats all changed. Because they've brought in sort of a Libertarian attitude across the board when it comes to the Federal Government as far as spending. Except for of course the Defense Budget, that they came to Congress to cut the Federal Government, not continue to do anything thats been done in the past. Because thats how it was done in the past and they came to Congress to reform Washington, even cut things that actually work like Infrastructure Investment and that they are going to fight Democrats on every issue. Even things that use to be as simple and as easy to pass as Infrastructure Investment, which again is paid for, its actually a net plus to the economy and would help with the Federal Debt and Deficit. Because it creates work and jobs that must be done across the country.

The Infrastructure Investment process needs to be reformed and made better, not gutted I would like to see a system. That gets Congress and the Administration out of it as far as them having to improve it, for these projects to be done and bring in the Private Sector even more but as an investor as well. Which is what we would get with a National Infrastructure Bank or Corporation, that would be Non Profit, Self Financed, owned by the Federal Government. Just run independently of them with the Federal Government serving as regulators instead. And we could avoid a lot of these partisan fights in the future.

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