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Friday, June 22, 2012

President Obama: 'Will Not Give Up' to Reform Immigration: Making The Case to Latin Americans

President Obama essentially made the Dream Act part of his Administrations policy on immigration last Friday. And lets get real of course politics was part of that but not the only reason, he knows Mitt Romney will try to make the case to Latin Americans on Economic Policy. And that Latinos tend to favor Republicans on some Social Issues and he President knows he needs a big victory amongst Latinos, winning 65% or of the Latino Vote. But to President Obama's credit, the Dream Act is something he believes in, as well as Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He just hasn't gotten around to sending a bill to Congress, now being President for forty two months, which is why speaking about Immigration Reform now. Is a risk for the President politically, because its easy to see why Latinos would take the attitude, we've heard this before, like back in 2008 from Candidate Obama. And four years later we still have the same Immigration System that we did then and if anything the problem has gotten worse. We still have in the neighborhood of 15M Undocumented Immigrants and the President has deported more people, a lot of them Latinos, then President Bush did at the same point of their Presidencies.

One thing you can't accurately say about President Obama is that he's soft, at least not on crime, terrorism, War on Drugs or immigration. He's not only enforced the laws but has done so more effectively as far as carry them out, then Presidents of both parties in the past. What you can say accurately, is that he's calculating. Its not that the President hasn't had opportunities to try to push a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Policy through Congress. He not only had a Democratic Congress in 2009-10 but with wide margins in both Chambers and could made an attempt to work with people. Republicans in Congress like Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham, who both support a Comprehensive approach to Immigration Reform and tried to at least get a Bi Partisan bill out of the Senate. And he could've done this after Healthcare Reform in March, 2010 or after the Arizona passed its Immigration Law in April that year. Instead of challenging that bill in court, the President could've proposed his own plan.

By trying to push Comprehensive Immigration Reform now, especially to Latinos now, he risks them taking the attitude. We've heard this before and didn't see much action on that, if we go with you now, you might just shove Immigration Reform aside in the next Congress. Because its too big of a lift politically and you don't want to hurt Congressional Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014. So for the President to appeal to Latinos, he has to talk to them about the economy, it can't all be about Immigration.

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