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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goal: Reduce Violent Crime in Maryland: Targeting Real Criminals Instead of People who aren't

The number one priority especially for a State Government, is Public Safety, without that we don't have anything else. Nothing else is possible, thats a fundamental value that only Anarchists could disagree with, the question is how do we do that and what do we mean by Public Safety. To Liberals such as myself, as well as Libertarians, Public Safety is about preventing and then punishing people when they harm innocent people. First trying to prevent these crimes from happening in he future but when they do, which of course they do happen, then catch and punish those criminals, of course after they are convicted. We do have Constitutional Rights and Rule of Law, catch and punish rapists, murderers, Sexual Abusers, Child Abusers, robbers, batterers, people who actually represent a threat to society. And must be put away for the protection of society, Drug Offenders and I'm not talking about Narcotics Dealers, don't qualify under this, they represent the same threat to society as do alcoholics. But we don't arrest and lock people up for being alcoholics, only crimes they commit relating to alcohol but you could be user of Illegal Narcotics, just a user not an addict and simply be arrested and locked up for it.

Not every crime thats committed, whether its in Maryland or somewhere else, deserves a Prison Sentence to go along with that. Things like possessing marijuana, to use as an example or shoplifters, we don't need to lock up these people in prison, there are smarter more effective ways of dealing with these offenses. Then to lock people up in prison and with an approach like this we can save our valuable prison space, for he people I mentioned earlier, real criminals who actually represent a threat to society. And we have some things that we call crimes, that don't need to be crimes at all, marijuana would be an excellent example of that, Maryland just recently legalized Organize Gambling. So we now have Maryland Casinos, so one less Minor Offense that Maryland Law Enforcement has to worry about. So what we should do is protect people from the harm of others, not try to protect people from themselves.

Law Enforcement and Corrections System would be a hell of a lot more effective and efficient, if we just catch, convict, lock up and house the people that need to be there. As well as give the people who need to be locked up, the opportunity to turn their lives around, so when they do get out. They have legitimate skills that they can turn to and not have to go back to crime and not have to return to prison.

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