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Friday, May 18, 2012

Political Dysfunction is "Even Worse Than It Looks": The Neoconservative War on America

I agree that the Republican Party, the Neoconservative Faction in the party, that now represents. The Christian Right, as well as Tea Party, as well as Neoconservatives who don't identify with the other two groups. Are a big problem with the American Political System right now, because of how partisan they are and how huge their quest for power is. Where they would have the White House and both Chambers of Congress, even a Filibuster proof majority in the Senate. So they wouldn't have to work with Democrats on anything, that is definitely there. Its not Conservatism thats destroying the Republican Party but its Neoconservatism that is, Conservatism put the Republican Party in power. And its the Party that Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan built, its the direction they've moved in post President Reagan, the direction they started moving in. Really since when Pat Buchanan ran for President for the first time in 1992, challenging President Bush in the Republican Primaries. And I agree with Thomas Mann the head of Government Studies at the Liberal Think, the Brookings Institution. That Republicans are more to blame here but Democrats aren't completely innocent here either.

Both parties have their fringes that are represented in Partisan Media, that basically sees their role. As to dig up negative information against the other side and the only positive info they report, is info that benefits their side. They both have their newspapers and magazines that do that, as well as Think Tanks. And these groups really only speak to the people that agree with them and no one else, except for maybe me to see what the Far Right and Far Left are up to. I'll give you an example, the Neoconservative Think Tank the Heritage Foundation for the Far Right and the Progressive Action Group, I guess I would call it. Think Progress really doesn't qualify as a Think Tank, they mostly report negative info about the other side. And then there are the newspapers and magazines, that are really Political Tabloids. Because they report about as much fact as a Tabloid, because they'll see a negative story about the other side. And try to make it look as bad as they can. Whether its true or not.

Neoconservatives have magazines have magazines like Commentary, Human Events, newspapers, if you want to call it news. Like the Washington Times and Washington Examiner, to go along with the Heritage Foundation. Progressives have magazines like The Nation, AlterNet, American Prospect and they see it as their role to report how the other side, is essentially screwing the country. As well as people in their party, that they don't see as loyal enough, people who work with the other party. Whether their spin of the story is accurate or not and even though they speak to small audiences, enough to sell out a Phone Booth. They have wealthy donors that can bankroll them, as well as dedicated contributers that contribute to them. Thats how they stay in business, even though most of the country doesn't take them seriously. As far as the things that they report.

The Far Right and Far Left are both to blame to why the Federal Government is dysfunctional right now. Because both sides are afraid to work with the other one, because of fears that their fringe will take it out on them. Challenge them in a primary, recruit someone to run against them in the next election. The reason why Republicans are more to blame right now, is because their fringe has enough power to take their Leadership down. Where the Far Left doesn't have the resources to put something like that together, because they won't take Corporate Money. They tend to be Anti Corporate all together and are more grassroots.

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