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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cuba Reforms Economy in Effort to Preserve Political System: State Capitalism Designed to Save Cuban Communism

If your going to be honest and accurate about why the Communist Republic of Cuba. The only Communist Republic in the Americas. Is abandoning State Ownership Socialism in their economy, you would be saying that they are doing it. To save the Communist Republic, to prevent the Cuban People from declaring a revolution against the Castro Regime. Perhaps there are some people in the Castro Regime, perhaps even President Raul Castro himself. That now acknowledge that State Ownership has failed Cuba and they have to privatize their economy. In order to produce the Economic and Job Growth, to lift Cubans out of poverty. And so the Cuban Economy can be productive but the main reason they are doing this. Is to save the Communist Regime and so they don't get kicked out of power. What the Castro Regime may not understand though, is that when a country has Economic Freedom. The people then have money and resources and enjoy that and feel the need for more Freedom, Social and Political Freedom as well.

Cuba is not headed to becoming like America, they aren't going to establish American Capitalism. Or what Europe has, which is Democratic Socialism. The direction Cuba is headed in, is what's called State Capitalism. Which is a mixture of Private and Public Industry, with a large Welfare State. But only there to help the people who need it. Which is what's done in China and Vietnam, both Communist Republics. But where Social Freedom is still very limited. And we'll see how it works out for the Cuban People.

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