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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Advertisers Keep Heading for the Exits: Fleeing Nut House Radio

What's happening to Rush Limbaugh is a self inflicted wound, he's an intelligent man who knows exactly how many people listen to him. And how big of an audience he draws and that there are a lot of people who listen to him that don't like him. And are waiting to bring him down and draw negative Media Attention to him. He had to know that calling a women who testified up on Capital Hill. A "slut", was going to draw attention to him, what he probably didn't anticipate was how negative the attention would be. To the point that even GOP Presidential Candidates who consider Rush to be a Leader in the Republican Party. Which is a story for another blog or even the Leader of the GOP, again different blog and that this would hit him in the wallet. Thats what he probably didn't anticipate that he would lose advertisers and it would cost him support in his own party. Rush is apparently under the impression that he can basically say whatever the hell he wants to and the Republican Party will back him up. I guess he didn't get the memo that this is a Presidential Election year and the GOP wants the White House back. And would like to take back the Senate as well and has to defend the House. And that women especially amongst Independent Voters, are going to have a lot to say in who will control these institutions. Which is why the GOP Establishment selected Mitt Romney to be their Frontrunner, because he appeals well to Female Voters.

Rush making a statement where you call a young women who testified on Capitol Hill about Women's Healthcare. A "slut" and only apologizing after your own allies and supporters say you were wrong. Doesn't play well with this group. And Rush is paying a price for it as a result. 20-30 years ago Rush Limbaugh would've been considered to on the fringe. But this was when Ron Reagan, Bill Buckley were running the party and where Barry Goldwater was still a major influence. And Bob Dole was one of their major Leaders along with Bob Michael and Howard Baker. This was back when the Nut House was full of nuts and nuts weren't running wild on the street. Where people like Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann were institutionalized. Getting the help that they needed and not calling the plays in the Republican Party because the adults were in charge. The sane people who had intelligence, Common Sense and actually understood what Conservatism was about. And didn't just speak highly of something they didn't understand. How times have changed in the GOP to the point, the nuts have broken out of their Mental Hospitals and have taken over the GOP.

The Rush Limbaugh's of the World need to just be seen as they are, which is entertainers. People who get paid to be provocative and not as people who understand what Leadership or Conservatism is about. And not people that are capable of leading a Political Party successfully, because they are not.

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