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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pat Robertson Laying out why The War on Drugs is Stupid: Pat Robertson coming out in favor of less Big Government

What I'm about to say might make me vomit right after I say this. But Pat Robertson is damn right on the War on Drugs and the broader Crime and Punishment. It makes no sense to arrest adults for possessing pot and represent no threat to anyone else. We spend 50K$ a year housing people in prison for possessing or using Illegal Narcotics. Money that could be spent on roads, schools, Law Enforcement, lowering taxes, Public Infrastructure. And when we send these people to prison, we do practically nothing for them. And when they get out of prison, they end up doing the same things that ended them up in prison. As Rev. Robertson made his intelligent statement on the War on Drugs and Crime and Punishment. Perhaps the first intelligent statement I've heard Rev. Robertson give on anything, in the same editorial. He blames Liberals for the War on Drugs and War on Crime in America. Perhaps Rev. Robertson forgot the Nixon Administration, President Nixon is the person who declared the War on Drugs. Crime went up during the Reagan Administration and the first Bush Administration. I don't say this to be partisan, just to counter Rev. Robertson. The Clinton Administration passed the 1994 Crime bill, crime went down during the Clinton Administration.

Rev. Robertson is also right that we arrest and put too many people in prison for crimes. That are yes technically illegal but Victimless Crimes. Meaning the crimes don't hurt anyone other then maybe the person committing the crime. So what we need to do is eliminate what Libertarian Author Milton Friedman called "Bad Laws". Stop arresting people for what they do to themselves and just concentrate on people who abuse innocent people. We can start by legalizing marijuana and regulating it like alcohol. Stop arresting adults for possessing pot or smoking pot. And giving those people 3-5 years in prison for doing those things. Spending 50K$ a year housing and taking care of people who can take care of themselves. Save prisons for people who need to be there instead and prepare those inmates for life on the outside so they don't come back.

Israel and Palestine must of just reached a Peace Agreement and agreed on an Independent Palestinian State. Or maybe San Diego is covered in five feet or snow or something right now. Because I just agreed with Pat Robertson on two things in the same day. But he does make two very good points and hopefully other Republicans will come his way on these issues.

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