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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Growing Dislike for Big Government in America: Liberals are now Winning the Culture War

If you look at these Culture War issues, like Same Sex Marriage, homosexuality, marijuana, immigration, Reproductive Rights, pornography, gambling. And where young people in America are on these issues, the X and Y Generations. And how Independent Voters who tend not to like Big Government Republicans or Democrats. The Culture Warriors people on the Far Right who push these issues and their values on the rest of the country. This is how you should live your lives and if you don't, your immoral or should even be in jail. And the support they've lost on these issues, where some of their members are now losing their jobs. Based on their positions on these Culture War issues, like Pat Buchanan from MSNBC. You now see a movement in this war towards the left, not saying the whole country is becoming Liberal or Libertarian. But there is this growing movement that Americans don't like Big Government and people telling them how to live their lives. Independent Voters tend to want Big Government out of their wallets and bedrooms. They want Big Government out of their way and allow them to live their own lives. To be limited and just do for them the things, that they can't do for themselves or do as well. National Security, Law Enforcement, Regulation, Foreign Policy. Help people in need help themselves but don't try to control people in how they live their own lives. Protect innocent people from the harm of others, not try to protect us from ourselves. Keep our taxes and regulations down, stay out of our bedrooms and doctor offices. Let Free Adults live their own lives.

Liberals are now winning the Culture War and this is huge for the Democratic Party. Who up until the last couple of years, had been losing this war for about ten years. But as we become younger, we are becoming more tolerant and these voters are huge for the Democratic Party. And a big reason why Barack Obama is now President of the United States, someone I voted for myself. And is a Voting Block that the President probably needs to get reelected. These voters don't care, if Gay Couples marry each other and they are friends of Gay Couples. Who are looking to get married, whether they are straight or gay themselves. They know people who've smoked marijuana and don't believe these people should be in jail for it. And when they here candidates like Rick Santorum telling them that gambling, pornography, Heavy Metal music, condoms and Birth Control. Should be banned and that women and homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to serve in the US Armed Forces. This kind of language plays well on the Far Right but thats such a small percentage of the American Electorate. And it scares the rest of the country.

Liberals are now winning the Culture War and this is great for our movement and the Democratic Party. Now and moving forward, doesn't mean we should define our politics based on the Culture War. But we shouldn't be afraid to fight it either, especially when its thrown at us. Or afraid to be ourselves, because a lot of the country is now with us on these issues.

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