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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ACLU's Laura Murphy on Today Show: "Religious Liberty is Not at Risk": Separation of Church and State

To understand this issue of what role that faith has in America, you need to understand what Freedom of Religion is. As well as Separation of Church and State, the Constitutional Right for Americans to practice or not practice any religion of their choice. But that doesn't mean we have the right to force our Religious Beliefs, including Atheism. On people who disagree with us, for example someone being against Same Sex Marriage. Because they believe their religion is against it and will work to do anything they can. To prevent Same Sex Marriage from happening. Of course you can take that position that Same Sex Marriage and Homosexuality is immoral. I completely disagree with that position but you don't have the right to force your position on the rest of the country through law. To me at least you need a better position, then Same Sex Marriage is immoral. You have a much harder test to pass then that, you have to explain why Same Sex Marriage is immoral. Which is almost impossible to do and you have to explain how Same Sex Marriage would be a threat to the country. Good luck with that and how Same Sex Marriage is a threat to Heterosexual Marriage. And when people who argue against Same Sex Marriage, they say things like. Well if we allow Same Sex Marriage, next we'll be allowing adults to argue against children. You kinda know how warped their argument is.

People who make the argument that if we allow Homosexuals to marry each other. Next adults will want to marry children or marry multiple people at the same time. First of all that argument is crazy, no one is arguing for adults to be able to marry children. And this is generally the first argument they use and they make it their best argument. Again people have the right to believe anything but they don't have the right to their own facts. Or force their positions on the rest of the country, especially when there isn't a consensus. Freedom of Religion especially in a Liberal Democracy like the United States, is exactly that. A Constitutional Right to practice or not practice Religion in America. Not the right to force your Religious Beliefs on the rest of the country and not the right to establish Majority Rule. Over the Constitutional Rights over the Minority, we do have Constitutional Rights for the Minority as well in America. We can make it illegal for people to hurt others but we can't prevent people from living their own lives.

There should be a consensus in America and I think we are basically there. Its really the Fundamentalists Atheists on the Far Left, Newt Gingrich calls them Secular Socialists, he has a point there. That would probably like to eliminate Religion in America and look down to Religious Believers. And the Theocrats on the Far Right, its harder to get farther to the right then Theocrat. That want to force their Beliefs on Religion on the rest of the county. We should be able to agree as a country that people can believe whatever they want to on religion. They just don't have the right to force their beliefs on people who disagree with them.

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