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Friday, January 13, 2012

"Barack Obama's New New Deal: As bad as the Old New Deal?": The Obama Agenda

When Barack Obama became President three years ago, he had a lot on his plate because he inherited a lot of problems. From the Bush Administration, at least as many as President Reagan inherited from the Carter Administration. And perhaps as many as FDR inherited from the Hoover Administration. President Obama had a big agenda because he had a lot to do. With the "Great Depression", rising unemployment, losing 700K$ per month, negative 7% Economic Growth. Two wars oversees, 45-50M people without Health Insurance and he wanted to expand Health Insurance for those people. Failing Banking and Auto Industries, Wall Street plummeting and in need of reform. A National Debt of 10T$, a Budget Deficit of 1T$, these are the reasons why we have a Republican House right now. The President and Congressional Democrats getting blamed for not solving all of these problems in two years. As well as some mistakes they made in the Healthcare Reform Debate. And a lot of bad rhetoric from the Tea Party and Congressional Republicans, things like "Death Panels", that went unchecked. That people who probably voted for Barack Obama in 2008, took seriously and voted Republican in 2010. As well as Progressive Democrats not bothering to vote at all in 2010. Is why we have a Republican House and a Divided Congress right now.

President Obama didn't want to pass a version of the New Deal, the 2009 American Recovery Act. Was a two year bill of around 800B$ that was targeted and temporary. If you look at the New Deal, a lot of those programs are still in place today. Once you introduce Entitlement Programs, its almost impossible to eliminate them. Because they pick up Special Interest Groups that will fight for them, donate money to politicians and candidates that will fight for them. And donate money against politicians and candidates that won't fight for them. President Obama was not trying to pass what's been called the Fair Deal, that Progressives have been fighting for. At least since the Great Society was created in the 1960s. That would build off of the New Deal and Great Society, with things like Single Payer National Health Insurance and even Healthcare. Universal Higher Education, return to the old Tax Rates pre President Reagan and other things. President Obama has been trying to create and Economic System that works for everyone not just High Earners. But an Economic Systems that benefits Middle and Low Earners as well.

If you look at most of the Legislation that President Obama has passed, its really hard to label it a "Radical Socialist Agenda". Especially when people who are actually Socialists and Progressive. Don't call it a "Socialist Agenda", most of what the President has been doing. Is things to help the Middle Class and Small Business's help themselves. Not by passing new Entitlement Programs and but things like Middle Class Tax Relief and Consumer Protections. Healthcare Reform that expands Health Insurance through the Private Sector, as well as Consumer Protections. To actually regulate the Private Health Insurance Industry. So this notion that Barack Obama is some type of Radical or a Socialist, is Pure Politics coming from Ignorant People. Who probably don't know any better.

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