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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Speaker Boehner: House Leaders Accept Senate Tax Terms: GOP Caves at Gunpoint

This just in the House GOP Leadership not only can read polls and understand them but have been reading polls lately. Like in the last 24 hours or so and have concluded that their Poll Numbers. Are plummeting like a Stock Market crash and have decided that they've fought the Good Fight but have lost. And have cut their losses and don't want to look like Tax Hikers especially during the Holiday Season. Looking like the Christmas Scrooge on Steroids raising peoples Payroll Taxes as they are doing their Holiday Shopping. Its one thing to be for gridlock to not work with Congressional Democrats and the President. To get things done because you believe gridlock and a weak economy helps your Election Prospects. But its another to do to the point where it hurts your own Election Prospects. Which they are now risking by looking like Tax Hikers on the Middle Class by allowing the Payroll Tax Cut to expire. If your making 500K$ or a million and your Payroll Tax goes back up. You might not even notice it, perhaps you buy one new Luxury Car instead of two. But if your a cop or teacher or Construction Worker and your making 40, 45, 50K$ a year. A Payroll Tax Hike hits you hard, especially during the Holiday Season. Your not buying as many grocery's, your not getting a new car. Your Mortgage Payment just became harder to pay.

Is a two month extension in the Payroll Tax Cut, Unemployment Insurance and not reforming Unemployment Insurance. So we are requiring Unemployed Workers to go back to work, work for free to keep their sills in check. While they collect their Unemployment Insurance, getting them in Job Training things we've should've been doing all along. Of course this is not an ideal deal but this deal keeps taxes going for two months and buys the House and Senate time. To work out a year long extension to keep peoples taxes down and especially as we are in the Holiday Season. The last thing we should be doing is allowing for new Tax Hikes especially on the Middle Class who can't afford them right now. And a few problems that the House GOP Leadership had, is one the Senate reached an agreement. Between Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnel that got 89 votes. Another problem is that Speaker Boehner had the votes to pass the Senate bill, almost every single democrat. Including the Progressive Caucus that hates Tax Cuts almost as much as fire hates water. Its the Far Fringe of the Tea Party that doesn't like the Payroll Tax Cut because it benefits mostly the Middle Class. Those were Speaker Boehner's problems.

If Leadership means anything it means that your the Adult in the Room which is why you get the big chair. And get to hold a gavel, sound familiar, Speaker Boehner at least officially is the Adult in the Room. For the House Republican Conference and finally got around to telling his children we fought the fight and lost. Lets regroup and comeback and take on the democrats next year before we put our House Majority at stake.