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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"President Obama, Prime Minister Maliki Hail 'New Chapter' for Iraq Without US Troops": Good Day

When America Invaded Saddam Hussein's Iraq in 2003, it was because we were in a War on Terror. President Hussein was an Evil Dictator who had Weapons of Mass Destruction and we didn't want him working with Terrorist Groups. Of course Hussein was an Evil Dictator and I'm glad he's dead but thanks to the United States and United Nations. Most if not all of Hussein's WMD were eliminated in the late 1990s and before that. Thanks to the Weapons Inspections as a result of the 1991 Gulf War a War I support. The other issue was the Saddam Hussein was secular perhaps even and atheist. Who wanted very little if anything to do with these Islamic Terrorist Groups and actually had muslims murdered in Iraq. Including during the Shia Uprise in 1991 o r 1992 using Killer Gas on them murdering thousands of iraqis in Southern Iraq. So this idea that Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld were throwing around in 2003-04. That the Hussein Regime was working with Al Quada and other groups was bogus. As the Iraq War moved on so did the reasons for America being there the in the first place. And it was 4-5 years in this war and the Republican Party losing Control of Congress in 2006. For President Bush to finally change course in Iraq with the Iraqi Surge in 2007. By sending in enough troops to restore some type of stability there and to get Iraq to move on finally building their own country and form their own government. As we help them to build up their own National Military and Law Enforcement.

Its time almost nine years later that Iraq takes the lead on governing their own country of 25M Plus people. With all its Natural Resources and its Educated Class and decide what type of future they are going to have. And I believe this is something that Prime Minister Maliki who's not perfect but understands. So they can defend their own country from Domestic and Foreign Terrorists, as well as Foreign Invaders. Like perhaps at some point Al Quada making another move on Iraq or Iran attempting an invasion. And establish Rule of Law there in hopefully a Secular Federal Republic that respects Human Rights, Rule of Law and the Constitution. Whether they are a Liberal Democracy or not or more resembling Turkey. But they have to decide these things on their own and America needs to get out of their way. And allow them to do that, as President Obama has already said. America has already invested a lot of treasure and blood in Iraq, as well as Innocent Iraqis who've suffered as a consequence of this war. And now its time for the Iraqi Government to step up and take the lead to defend and govern their own country. Which they already have the resources and people to do.

America has spent well actually borrowed over 1T$ to Fight the War in Iraq a War thats almost nine years old. And its time that we get out of there and let Iraq take over its own country with their own government. While America brings its troops and resources home and we start Rebuilding America a project thats long overdue. That we have the people especially people who need the work and the resources to pay for it. As Iraq figures out for themselves what type of country they are going to have.