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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Minority Leader Pelosi on GOP Bill to Deny Workers' Rights": Why we need Organize Labor

Every time I see republicans make an effort to weaken Organize Labor in America, some have plainly said. That Organize Labor should be eliminated, having no checks on Management at all. Especially since they don't believe in Regulating Private Enterprise except to benefit Management. I think to myself I hope they didn't come from Union Households, like with their father being a Construction Worker. Or their mother being a teacher or whatever the case may be. Because without Organize Labor, their lives growing up wouldn't of been as good. They wouldn't of seen their parents as often, because they would've been working all of the time. And would've been working longer, harder perhaps more productive but working for less money. Then they would've been had their been Organize Labor in America. Organize Labor of course is not perfect and I'm going to lay out some its weakness's. That I would like to see fixed, as well as some regulations but Organize Labor is the reason why American Workers. Have weekends, Paid Holidays, Paid Vacations, Sick Leave, Medical Leave, Private Pensions, Social Security, Minimum Wage , Worker Safety. And go down the line that everyone in the country has benefited from directly or indirectly. No matter where they are on the Political Spectrum or what Political Party if any they are affiliated with. Including people that are in the House Republican Conference or work for the Heritage Foundation.

I'm not saying Organize Labor is perfect in America, far from it actually they have a long history. Of Organize Corruption in Organize Labor and they don't operate perfectly today which is why I would like to see some regulations in it. Like Secret Ballot in voting for the Leadership so people can't be pressured to vote one way or the other or else. I believe thats Common Sense, we have that with Political Elections and most if not all Elections in America. And I don't believe Non Union Members should be forced to pay Union Dues, I believe thats Common Sense as well. And the other side may say that they should have to pay Union Dues, because of the benefits they get from Organize Labor. But there's an easy Counter Argument to that, that they shouldn't get those benefits from Organize Labor. And be able to Negotiate for their Benefits Independently and then not have to pay those Union Dues. Because they would become Independent Operators with whatever employer they are working for. Which would actually benefit Organize Labor because it would make them actually have to compete for new members and new dues.

Organize Labor when its run properly is not an enemy of Management, just like Management is not an enemy of Organize Labor. When they are run properly but they are partners that should have the same goal mind. How to make the organization that they are working for as strong and as profitable as they can be. To be able to employ as many people as possible and have as many workers as possible. Which is why neither side should be eliminated but operated and regulated properly.