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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"When Did Liberals Become So Unreasonable?": Liberal are Happy with President Obama

This is the perfect blog to distinguish Liberal Democrats such as myself, as well as people like Barack Obama. Who I'm farther to the left on Social Issues and other liberals like Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Chuck Schumer. Dick Durbin the Deputy Leader of the Senate. These people and others like them are the Liberal Democrats. We are different from people who are farther to the left that get called liberal but really aren't, the Far Left flank of the Democratic Party. Like Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the House Progressive Caucus House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. But she's a strong enough Leader to know when to compromise and work with other people. Even Blue Dog Fiscal Conservative Democrats like her, even though she's much farther to the left of them. Especially on Economic Policy and other people like Sen. Bernie Sanders, these are people and others like them. That get called liberal by our so called "Mainstream Media" but they really aren't. These are Progressive Democrats or Socialist Democrats and they don't even call themselves liberal. Liberal and progressive might seem similar but they aren't. Liberals aren't satisfied with President Obama, I'm one of them he's made some political mistakes. Healthcare Reform is a perfect example of this but we aren't the people calling. The President a "Moderate Republican, Bush 44, Neoconservative, Corporatecrat, Corporatist," etc. We do laugh at people who make these charges because of how ignorant they are. Liberals have given the Obama Campaign a lot of money and we are going to vote for him. The question is will Progressive Democrats do the same thing.

You don't see liberals threatening to give the President a Primary Challenge, or freak out when the President decides to work with the House Republicans to avoid disaster. You don't see liberals calling for all of the Bush Tax Cuts to expire, including on the Middle Class. You don't see liberals offering New Deal era Social Insurance Programs to help the economy. Borrowing or raising taxes on everybody to pay for them. We've been a lot more intelligent and creative on how to address the economy, calling for Infrastructure Investment, additional Tax Cuts for the Middle Class, as well as employers, Free Trade, a National Infrastructure Bank that sorta thing. And we also take the debt and deficit seriously and acknowledge the need for Entitlement Reform as part of the solution. Liberal Democrats will be there for President Obama when he needs us and we want him to be reelected. You don't see us threatening to run a Third Party Progressive Campaign against the President or a progressive in the Democratic Primary's. Or threatening to leave the Democratic Party and move to the Green Party or Democratic Socialist Party. Progressive Democrats would be a lot more comfortable politically and not outnumbered in those parties unlike in the Democratic Party.

Liberals aren't the problem for President Obama, now or when he became President. We didn't complain about the stimulus, Healthcare Reform, Wall Street Reform. We didn't call the President a "sell out" which is what Keith Olbermann did about the Tax Cut deal last year. And the Debt Ceiling bill, Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party. Who are only in the Democratic Party for political purposes, because they feel they have a bigger voice being democrats. Then in a Progressive Third Party, are the people making these charges and are unhappy with President Obama. Not Liberal Democrats, we like Barack Obama as President of the United States.