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Friday, November 11, 2011

"Last Stop For Gas": Is Newton Leroy Gingrich The Alternative to Mitt Romney?

Let's look at the Republican Field for President right now, the Frontrunner being Mitt Romney better known as Flip Flopper to me. A Northeastern Republican trying to winning the Republican Nomination. In a party thats dominated by the Bible Belt and the Religious Right. The natural alternative to Flip Flopper is GOV Rick Perry who's a clear outsider and right now looks like a rookie. Running for Class President who hasn't even memorized his own policy's. The person who's second in the polls right now may have issues in how he deals with women in the workplace. In Herman Cain, then. of course there's Rep. Michelle Bcahmann who was just released from a Mental Hospital to run for President. And then of course her doctor has just been committed to the same Mental Hospital for releasing Michelle Bachmann. Then of course there's Rep. Ron Paul a Classical Libertarian running for President in the same party as Flip Flopper. You have two Liberal Libertarians in John Huntsman who resigned from the Obama Administration. To run for President in the same party as Flip Flopper and Ron Paul. Then of course Gary Johnson who can't even get in the Presidential Debates except for one. Then there's Buddy Roemer and unless you work for his Presidential Campaign, you probably don't know he's running for President. And even if you work for the Roemer Campaign, you might not know its a Presidential Campaign. There's Rick Santorum an Insider of Insiders running for President in the Republican Party in the era of the Tea Party. But they do have one candidate that may be able to bring the whole thing together.

Newt Gingrich with all his personal issues and faults is still loved by the Religious Right, Neoconservatives. And judging by the debates the Tea Party seems to like Newt Gingrich as well. And because of Romney and Perry destroying his own campaign, the Republican Party may take a long look at Newt. And at least you may see him as the Vice Presidential Nominee, if Newt still has some toes that he hasn't shot off yet. Because the way the GOP feels right now, they are looking for a Presidential Candidate who can win but they don't want to win so badly. By selecting Flip Flopper and they keep talking about the need for a Reagan Conservative. Except for being farther to the right then Ron Reagan on some Social Issues. Thats Newt Gingrich he's someone the party still loves and who's an excellent speaker and debater and someone with a lot of ideas. With plenty of experience in both Washington, twenty years in the House, six years as House Minority Whip, and of course four years as Speaker of the House. The first Speaker since John McCormack back in 1969 with a Balance Budget. The Father of the Gingrich Revolution that saw the first Republican Congress in forty years in 1995.

I don't see Newt Gingrich as the next Republican Nominee for President but someone the Republican Party. That they may look long and hard at to at least push Flip Flopper the Master of Flip Flopping. Far enough to the right at least on Social Issues for Romney to secure the Republican Nomination. And get republicans to the polls to vote for Flopper but scare enough Independent Voters away from Flopper. For Flip Flopper to win the Presidential Election in 2012, of course beating President Obama. But we'll see Newt Gingrich has done very well in the debates and his numbers are climbing.