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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indiana Town's Economy Benefits from Canadian Oil Boom: One way to create jobs

When it comes to getting our economy going again and Fully Recovering from the "Great Recession". That we are now three years into, even though its officially over. There are a lot of things that we need to do as a country, like paying down our Private as well as Public Debt. Which I covered last night, encouraging more Consumer Spending, Infrastructure Investment, creating a National Energy Policy. Expanding Foreign Trade which Congress did a couple of weeks ago. Reforming our Public Schools where the Senate made some progress last week. In at least getting a bill reported out of committee. So we have enough or more then enough well educated workers in the future. And be able to to keep more americans jobs here in America where they belong. Rebuilding our Manufacturing Industry, the American Auto Industry is now recovering, which will help. An Infrastructure Investment and a National Energy Policy would also help us rebuild our Manufacturing Industry. Tax Reform eliminating most if not all Tax Loopholes and lowering Tax Rates and Debt and Deficit Reduction. But we are not going to be able reduce our debt and deficit in the short and long term. Until we get the "Great Recession" finally behind us, now three years into it. We are going to need a strong economy with solid Economic and Job Growth that we sustain. In order to pay down our debt and deficit, decrease our high Poverty Rate thats actually over 20% but 17% officially.

What looks like is going on in this town in Indiana, is that they are trying to get Oil Production there. And bring in oil from Canada and sell it in Indiana, which I fine if that creates a lot of jobs in Indiana. And is well regulated to keep waste to a manageable level but what we really should be doing as a country instead. Producing American Energy in America, I mean we do have the most Natural Resources in the World. We should be using them so we can create more jobs in America, we can't drill our way to Energy Independence. But its a start and something we should be doing, in the safest way possible of course. But this is something that we should be doing and we should've been doing. Going all the way back to Arabian Oil Embargo of the early and mid 1970s. And getting OPEC off of our backs by producing our own American Energy including Oil and Natural Gas. Eliminating those Big Oil Subsidy's in exchange for allowing American Oil Company's to drill for more American Oil. And using some of those resources through leases and taxes to finance a National Infrastructure Bank. And finally getting some Infrastructure Investment back going in America.

There's so much work that we need to do as a country to get the "Great Recession" behind us and finally get our economy going again. And with this Political Climate with both parties seemingly more interested in having all of the power in the Federal Government. Then rebuilding our economy, that makes it very difficult to make that happen. But its not about resources thats why our economy isn't working but getting around. To finally using our resources to put people back to work.