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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Tea Party's Influence on American Politics: The Good and Bad

When I look at the Tea Party at least how it started out in late 2008 and 2009, I see a group of Conservative Americans. As well as some libertarians, who were concern about the economy, with the "Great Recession", bail outs with TARP. And of course our debt and deficit which is probably their main concern. They saw the Federal Government from their point of view get way too big and borrows way too much money in the Bush Administration. And that the Obama Administration from their point of view, exploding the spending in the Federal Government. And that they needed to speak out against all of this spending in the Federal Government. Organize and recruit candidates to beat democrats and take their government back as they see it. As we saw with the 2010 Mid Term Elections, when they started out they really did look like a Classical Conservative or even Libertarian Movement. Because they didn't seem to care that much about Social Issues, that of course has changed recently. As they've merged with Social Conservatives and even Religious Conservatives and things like Gay Marriage. Seems to now be a big issue with the Tea Party as well as abortion. But when the Tea Party started out, I believe they had a real shot at being a positive influence with the Republican Party and in American Politics.

The Tea Party got the Republican Party back to where they used to be before the Religious Right and Neoconservatives took over the party. When it was a Classical Conservative Party, Fiscally Conservative, against debt and deficits. Pro Balance Budget Amendment, anti Great Society and New Deal, pro Individual Freedom that Free People should be free to live their lives. And that government shouldn't interfere with them, pro States Rights that the Federal Government shouldn't pass a lot of Unfunded Mandates on to them. Conservative on National Security, strong defense but that we shouldn't have a Police State and that our Foreign Policy. Should be designed to protect our National Interest not get us involved in foreign Civil Wars, anti Neoconservatism. And even though Neoconservatism isn't part of the Tea Party Movement I believe. They are still anti Police State and against the Patriot Act but they have merged with the Religious Conservatives as we see with Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Which will hurt the Tea Party and Republican Party with Independent Voters long term.

Long term I believe the Tea Party without the Christian Right could last in the Republican Party and be a major influence with Independent Voters. As they try to move America past the New Deal and Great Society Democratic Socialist area. And try to move the country to where the Federal Government is smaller and spends less. And they try to pass a lot of what the Federal Government does now to the States. And gives more people choice and freedom in how they use the Social Insurance programs. As Classical Conservatives like Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan, they could last. People who believe in Individual Freedom and not just Economic Freedom but Civil Liberties as well. And get our Foreign Policy back to being about protecting our National Interests and move us away from Neoconservatism. But as long as they are with the Christian Right, they have no future because they'll scare Independent Voters who tend to be moderate to liberal on Social Issues.

The Tea Party starting out a couple of years ago, I believe had a real shot of lasting in American Politics. And a big boost away from the Religious Right and Neoconservatism and away from President George W Bush. But now that they've combine with Religious Conservatives, they are only helpful to republicans in the primary's. And won't be able to appeal to many Independent Voters.