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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Marijuana Reform Activist Destroys Former DEA Head": Regulation over Prohibition

If you want to know why the Prohibition of Marijuana has failed, just look at the Prohibition of Alcohol. People still drank and sold alcohol during Alcohol Prohibition illegally just like people use marijuana illegally today. Just because you prohibit something. doesn't mean it goes away, it just means its illegal. And some people not everyone get arrested for it and go to jail or prison for that use. And why to face sanction for marijuana in this case, for doing something whether its good or bad to themselves. Not to someone else and then you look at what Law Enforcement is for, to protect innocent people from the harm of others. So then you look at Alcohol Prohibition of the 1920 and 30s and you see that it became legal again. Because government as well as a bad economy incentivize the Federal Government to lift the prohibition of alcohol. We now have a forty year War on Drugs in America and what have we gotten out of it. Trillions of dollars spent and if anything more people now smoking and using marijuana and other narcotics today then they did forty years ago. The same arguments that are made in favor of Marijuana Prohibition, could be used to argue in favor Alcohol and Tobacco Prohibition as well. Which just goes to the stupidity and hypocrisy of Marijuana Prohibition. The arguments in favor of Marijuana Prohibition aren't based on intelligence and sound evidence. But they are made based on politics, politicians and other Public Officials not wanting to look "soft on crime" or "soft on the War on Drugs". As well as greed because a lot of these Public Officials get a lot of money from the Alcohol and Tobacco Industry's. And these industry's don't want more competition especially from a legal Marijuana Industry. Which is exactly what they would get if marijuana were to become legal in America. If your anti Big Government and don't want government especially the Federal Government telling you how to live your life. And your pro Freedom of Choice, then you support Decriminalization of Marijuana and let the States at least figure out this issue for themselves. Like they are figuring out Gay Marriage.

What we should be doing as a country, a country thats suppose to be a Liberal Democracy and the "Land of the Free". Is be exactly that, let Free People be free to live their own lives and have the Freedom of Choice to decide these things for themselves. What we should do with marijuana is decriminalize it not promote it. Lift the Federal Ban on it and regulate it and tax it instead and let the States decide for themselves how to treat marijuana. Treat marijuana just like alcohol and tobacco and let Free People decide for themselves whether or not to consume marijuana or not. Because if people want to do something bad enough, guess what they'll find a way to do it whether its legal or not and to hell with the consequences. Marijuana is a perfect example of this where adults have purchased and used marijuana their whole adult lives without ever going to jail or prison for it. So knowing this what we should do instead of Decriminalize Marijuana instead to make it as safe as possible.

Free People in a Free Society should be free to live their own lives and government can come in to let their people know the benefits and costs that come with their choices. Not try to protect people from themselves like Big Brother and try to control how Free People in a Free Society live their own lives.