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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn: Black Book Balancing Budget Plan

Sen. Tom Coburn Deficit Reduction plan is the first real Deficit Reduction plan offered by a Republican Member of Congress this year. I'm NOT saying I would vote for it, I have my own Deficit Reduction plan. But his plan and mine both have things in common, like strategic Budget Cuts all across the Federal Government, reform of the Federal Government and closing Tax Loopholes. Sen. Coburn has the only plan that I've seen that could win Bi Partisan support in Congress, at least in the Senate. Because there are now Senators in both parties that understand the only way Congress can pass a Deficit Reduction in both Chambers is to have a balance approach. Something that both democrats and republicans would vote for and have things in it that both sides wouldn't normally vote for. And have even stated that they would never vote for that and would take Political Heat if they ever did vote for it. That means Tax Hikes on the republican side and Entitlement Reform on the democratic side. If Sen. Coburn were the Speaker of the House or the Senate Minority Leader, replacing both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. I think Congress would have already reached an agreement with the White House and Deficit Reduction and the Debt Ceiling. Put Tom Coburn, Senate Leader Reid and President Obama in a room alone together, they get this done because all three men knows what has to be done and what it takes to pass something out of Congress that the President can sign. Sen. Coburn is a real Fiscal Conservative and I believe understands the Federal Budget as well or better then anyone else in Congress. He's right there with Sen. Kent Conrad Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee a great Democratic Senator in my mind. Who I believe is the democrats best spokesperson on Fiscal Policy, not only in Congress but in the entire Federal Government. Sen. Coburn and Sen. Conrad both understand what needs to be done and if these people had a bigger say in the Debt Talks, this deal is already done because they all know what needs to be done and what can pass. Congressional Republicans can't pass their own plan through Congress, Congressional Democrats can't pass their own plan either. The White House can't get their own plan through Congress as well. They need to come together.

Sen. Coburn's "Black Book Balancing Budget plan" is the best Deficit Reduction plan to be introduced in Congress this year and if democrats, republicans and the White House reach and agreement together on Deficit Reduction and the Debt Ceiling. You'll see a lot of Sen. Coburn's ideas in the agreement and I hope the Senate at least votes on the Coburn plan.