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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ted Kennedy On Health Care 1978: Democrats could use more Ted Kennedy's Today

I don't completely agree with Sen. Ted Kennedy's approach on Health Care Reform, a Single Payer System with Medicare for all. I would prefer to move to a Health Insurance System that France has, with Maximize Choice for all between Private and Public Options. France's Health Care System costs them half of what our Health Care System costs us as far our GDP. I believe in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 but I would've added a Public Option as far Health Insurance Reform goes. But one thing that democrats in the White House and Congress could use right now, is Sen. Kennedy's voice. In defending Medicare, Medicaid and other Entitlement Programs, especially at the negotiating table with House and Senate Republicans. Especially since if Sen. Kennedy was alive today, he would still be a Lead Negotiator on Entitlement Reform. Being that he would still be Chairman of the Health Committee. I'm a big fan of Sen. Tom Harkin the current Chairman of the Health Committee but he doesn't bring the same voice and passion that Sen. Kennedy did to these issues. He's a much nicer guy to put it nicely and doesn't posses Sen. Kennedy's leadership skills. What the final product looks like is important of course but its the passion the ability to negotiate thats more important I believe. You need that to get the best deal possible and so you don't give up too much. Thats what Sen. Kennedy had and why he was such a great negotiator because he understood that in any negotiation, you have to give up something and accept something you wouldn't normally. Thats the definition of negotiating but its what you give up and what you get in return, that determines whether its a good deal or not. Which is what made Ted Kennedy a great legislature, perhaps the best ever in Congress. Which is something Congressional Democrats are missing right now and may pay a price for in the final Deficit Reduction deal.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video of Ted Kennedy speaking about Health Care Reform from 1978