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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Turkish Kurds Feel Fallout From Separatist Campaign": What a United Kurdistan could look like

Kurdistan if you want to consider it a Region that goes from the Caucus States North of Turkey, to Southeastern Turkey. To Northern Syria in the West, to Northern Iran in the East. Is a region of about 30M people and about the size of Iraq or maybe even Afghanistan. It would be a pretty good size country with Natural Resources. The Kurdish People are a Middle Eastern Ethnic Group thats faced discrimination and cruelty for years. President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, tried to wipe them out of Iraq in 1991 and before that. Which is why The kurds were rewarded their own Iraqi Provence during the first Iraq War. They've also faced discrimination in Turkey where they represent around 20% of the Turkish Population. Around 15M people and probably discrimination in the Caucus States, Syria and Iran as well. Similar to what the Jewish People went through in Europe as well as in America. And the Israeli Jews were rewarded the State of Israel at the end of World War II as a result. So the Jewish People could have their own homeland and not have to deal with another attempted genocide. Like they did in Europe in World War II. The Armenian People have had to go through Ethnic Discrimination in Turkey as well as a genocide. Early in the 20th Century and they already had their own State. Armenia once part of Russia and now and Independent Country.

A lot of Middle Eastern Ethnic Groups have had to go through Ethnic Bigotry. As well as genocide but then get rewarded their own State as a result. But if the Kurdish People were rewarded their own Independent State, reaching from Southeastern Turkey. To Iran including Southern Armenia and Northern Syria, They could avoid future attempts at genocide and Ethnic Bigotry as long as they are able to defend themselves. Because they would have their own country and would have a considerable amount of Natural Resources as well. Like oil in Iraqi Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan. Iraqi Kurdistan is doing pretty well and has done pretty well economically. Especially compared with the rest of Iraq, because they've had their own Province. And have used their Natural Resources for the betterment of Kurdistan. Not to keep the Hussein Regime in power in Iraq. Which is what Saddam Hussein used those resources for not to make his country better. But to stay in power as long as possible. Even though Iraq then and now has the Natural Resources as well as the people to become a Developed Country.

I believe an Independent Kurdistan the way I laid out could work, because these people would have their own country. And the people and the Natural Resources to make this country work. But the Kurdish People themselves would have to figure out what type of country they were to have. What type of Constitution, how the Provinces would be set etc and how to work this out to make it happen. With the countries that currently have Kurdish Minorities.

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