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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Teach For America Program: Recruiting good Educators to Under Served Communities

Anything that we can do as a country through the Public as well as Private Sectors to encourage. More well educated people to teach and teach in Under Served Communities, we should be doing. And thats what this program is about, encouraging more good educators to teach in Under Served Communities. Urban and rural so those students can have a shot at getting a good education as well. So we can finally have a Public Education System thats not based on how much money your parents make. That determines whether you can get a good education or not. But based on how well the students do themselves in school. Give all of our students a shot at a good education and then see what they can do with. Because right now our Public Education System is funded through Property Taxes. And the schools are funded based on the Property Tax in that community and how much the property's are worth. So if a student lives in a Middle Class or an Upper Class Community. Chances are they are going to be able to go to a good school and the educators there. Are even well paid because that community has the resources it needs to have good schools. But if a student lives in a Low Income Community urban or rural, chances are they aren't going to be able to go to a good school. Because that community won't have the resources it needs to have enough good schools.

Money is not a Magic Bullet in education but its definitely a bullet thats needed to have good schools. So what the Teach For America Program does, is encourages good teachers to teach in these Under Served Communities. That doesn't have enough resources have enough good educators for all of their students. So thats a good step and reform but we also need things like more Charter Schools. To give our students more choice in where they get their education. As well as Public School Choice, so our students aren't forced to go to a school based on where they live. As well as setting up some type of system that would allow us to equalize the funding of our Public Schools. That would help make up the difference financially between Upper and Middle Class Communities, with Low Income Communities. That would provide additional resources for Under Served Schools so they have the resources that they need to do a good job. And then all of our students would have a good shot at getting a good education in America. No matter what community they live or if they go to a public or private school.

With as bad as the economy is and as bad of shape our fiscal situation is right now and will be in the future. If we don't address it properly, now is the best time to reform our Public Education System. So we can have the best schools possible to produce as many well qualified workers as possible. So when we finally get the economy going we'll have enough workers for those job. And keep more good jobs in America.

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