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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Senate Leader Reid: "Jobs Bill Will Keep Teachers in the Classroom": Time for a different Political Strategy

I'm behind the idea of giving State and Local Governments Federal Aid as long as its paid for. So they can prevent laying off Public Service Workers. But unless Senate Democrats have a different Political Strategy in how they bring that bill to the Senate Floor. Its going to die like the American Jobs Act died last week in the Senate. On another 51-49 vote or somewhere in that ballpark, because the Senate Republican Leadership will be able to block it. If its a Political Battle Leader Reid is looking for and what Senate Democrats want. Then I understand this strategy of bring their bills to the floor. As the Senate Majority Party is suppose to and has the right to do and let Senate Republicans block them. And then take that to the Campaign Trail and say look we are trying to help you here and we have good ideas. But those damn Senate Republicans keep getting in the way of us. But if you allow us to keep our Senate Majority and give us more seats. Then we'll be able to pass our Progressive Agenda and get the country moving again. But if the goal is to pass Legislation as it relates to the economy to get Economic and Job Growth going again. Then they need to bring Legislation to the Senate Floor that won't get blocked because. They brought Senate Republicans to the table. And that means either working with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, like they did in the Debt Ceiling deal. Or go to Republican Senators themselves, like their Leaders on these committees that writes these bills.

I'm guessing this latest Aid to States bill which is around 40B$ which aint Chump Change even in the Federal Government. Which Pun Intended has plenty of chumps in both parties. This plan is probably paid for by borrowing, putting more money on the National Debt Card. Another round of Credit Card Economics and that they didn't work with any Senate Republicans in writing this bill. And this why it won't get passed and I believe the Senate Democratic Leadership. Already knows this, because Dick Durbin probably has already done the Whip Count. Dick Durbin being Leader Harry Reid's deputy in the Senate and a Whip Count. Which Is how Senate Leaders count the votes in their Caucus, which is their party in the Senate. And how they basically count votes in the Senate. So Senate Democrats know that their latest bill is not going to pass, because Senate Republicans are going to block it. They still have 47 seats in the 100 seat Senate, so Senate Democrats have a Political Strategy here. This is what we are for and this is what we want to do, but again those damn Senate Republicans are standing in the doorway blocking us. Which is why we need more Democratic Senators.

Senate Democrats have 23 seats up for reelection next year and several of those will be Competitive Races. They have to look like they can govern going into the 2012 General Elections. Especially with the economy as bad as it is and the fact they are in power right now. Right now they have a Political Strategy and what they need instead is a Political Strategy leading to governing. Not looking good playing the best politics. Because the best politics is Good Governing and doing what's best for the country to move it forward. Not Gridlocking the Federal Government.

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