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Friday, October 21, 2011

President Obama: U.S. Troops Will Exit Iraq by December: The time has come

After eight in a half years in Iraq fighting a war thats gone on a long time. Where we accomplished more then just eliminating another Middle Eastern Dictator and his regime. Where we also gave the Iraqi People the ability to form their own government and Constitution. And elect their own Leaders and use their own Natural Resources to build their own country in the future. At a huge heavy price for the United States at over a couple trillion dollars. All money that thanks to the Bush Administration we borrowed all that money. And borrowed some of that money from Iraq's neighbors like the Saudi Kingdom. All of that money put on out National Debt Card that of course americans get to pay back themselves whether they want to or not. And where we watch our own country suffer the consequences of this war. With our Federal Debt and Deficit the "Great Recession. And watch our own infrastructure crumble and need repair, while we borrow from other countries. To rebuild and build the infrastructure in Iraq, its more then time that American Troops pull out of Iraq. And we get to rebuilding our own country and putting our own workers back to work. Which is what we've been doing in Iraq for over eight years now. We have our own problems that we need to be addressed and rebuild our own infrastructure. And meet our own National Security needs that we have to address on our own.

This idea that we can't leave Iraq until they can handle their own security needs. Or that the terrorists are just waiting for us to leave, which is why we have to stay indefinitely, is nonsense. That just gives the Iraq Government incentive to not get their act together and as we stay their indefinitely. We pay meaning America and our troops get stuck paying the bill and we watch our economy crumble as a result. And watch our debt and deficit grow and grow as a result. That americans not iraqis get stuck footing this huge bill of over 2T$ 14% of our National Debt. Iraq is a big country of around 30M people with vast Natural Resources. In oil and Natural Gas, with a well educated workforce Especially with all of those people moving back to Iraq after the fall of the Hussein Regime. And Iraq electing its new government, the Malaki Administration. Thats had its problems but they have been getting their act together, especially with their military. And rebuilding their Oil Industry and look like they are capable of governing their own country.

America has its own problems that we have to address ourselves, no one is going to occupy us or bail us out. Nor do we want anyone to do so, we are americans and we'll solve our own problems as a country or not. I'm not saying that we should develop an Isolationist Foreign Policy. And ignore Iraq, they are now one of our Middle Eastern allies as well as a Middle Eastern democracy. To go along with Israel and Turkey and we can help them with Foreign Aid as well. But Iraq has to take the responsibility for governing Iraq.

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