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Friday, October 14, 2011

President Obama, Lawmakers Want Toughened Sanctions on Iran: How Sanctions can work

If the Islamic Republic of Iran is behind or played a role in the assassination attempt of the Saudi Ambassador to America. Then they have to pay a serious price for that. We saw in the past what happens when aggression isn't checked, it encourages more aggression. The 1982 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut Lebanon is an excellent example of this. As well as the attacks on our East African Embassy's in 1998 and the attacks on our Marine Ships as well. If you get hit, you need to hit back who hit you, to prevent them from hitting you in the future. And you hit them in a way, that they don't want to get hit back. Meaning they would think twice before striking you again. I don't believe anyone who is sane or isn't eligible to checked into a Mental Hospital right now. Is contemplating and invasion of Iran right now or even an Air Strike. Especially not in the Obama Administration, if Dick Cheney was President right now, perhaps a different story. But I won't get into that now. But in case your unaware, Iran is a country about the size of Mexico physically but not quite as large. Of 75M people, its a very large country, America is already overcommitted in the Middle East, we are drowning in debt. And we would be alone in an invasion of Iran. Iran is three Iraq's in population as well as physically, this aint happening.

What the United States should be doing however in conjunction with its partners. Canada, European Union and in the Middle East, as well as Russia and China if possible. But they both have a lot if business in Iran so probably not going to happen. But have a Bilateral Sanction Policy on Iran, that cuts off trade with Iran. To isolate Iran and isolate its Theocratic Dictatorship, to keep resources from going in and leaving that regime. But at the same time backing the Democratic Opposition in Iran that wants to end the Theocratic Dictatorship there. And finally move that large country with a lot of potential forward. To isolate and somewhat starve the dictatorship while at the same time backing the Democratic Opposition there. And let them on their own go about taking down the dictatorship there and moving the country towards democracy. Sorta what happened in the Slavic States in the 1980s and early 90s. These Democratic Movements came about peacefully as a backlash to the Soviet Union and communism.

Unless your a Neoconservative, Iran is basically completely off the table as far invading that large country. At least from the United States and probably off the table as far as an invasion through coalition. But there's what Collin Powell and Hillary Clinton call "Soft Power" which in not Military Power. Diplomatic Power that can be used through coalition to bring about positive means. And Economic as well as Military Sanctions are a way to bring progress along as well. To another country.

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