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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Libya's TFG Faces Human-Rights Challenges: Long Road Ahead

Libya has a long way to go from being a Police State under the Authoritarian Regime of Moamarr Gadhaffi. To a modern country that respects Human Right that are guaranteed under a National Constitution. And while they are going through this transitional stage before they write their Constitution. And then hold General Elections and elect a new National Government with a National Parliament. And figure out how their National Judicial System is going to look like. They are going to have hitches in their country, like what to do when people are arrested. And how to process them because the Gadhaffi Regime, didn't have a system to deal with people being arrested. Other then to lock them up in jail, if they feel those people are a threat to the regime. So what Libya is going to be doing is creating a Justice System on the fly so to speak. They don't really have one in place and are going to have to put one together. In their Constitution, assuming they want to be a modern country, which seems to be the goal. Of the Libyan National Transitional Council at least so far.

The Transitional National Council the need to establish this new system. To process the people that they arrest for breaking laws, whatever laws they have right now. As well as a system to process the Gadaffi Security Forces and the Gadhaffi Loyalists. As well as whatever Foreign Fighters that come in on the behalf of Moammar Gadhaffi or people who come in. To try to establish some type of Islamic Theocracy in Libya and try to establish some type of Taliban Regime. Libya has a long way to go but they've also come a long way and got run the country as they try to reestablish it. Like running the country in its current form as weak as that it is. Because the Gadhaffi Regime didn't really do anything in the way of building Governmental Systems.

The Transitional National Council needs current laws in place while at the same time establishing a Federal Government. Building a Health Care System while treating the current patients that they have. Building Infrastructure so they can get around the country but also so the rest of the population can get around. Establishing what the relationship between the National Government and the Provincial Government is going to be. When they are going to hold their General Elections and a lot more. What Egypt has going for them is that they already have a lot of these systems in place. To that extent Egypt is a modern country.

Libya is in a difficult position right now, they need a National Constitution that can govern the country. But they also need laws in place right now to govern the country. And currently they don't have either, so they are currently governing a large country at the seat of their pants. Taking on challenges as they come to them.

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