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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Americans War Weary after 10 Years in Afghanistan": Time to bring our Troops home

Its not a secret why the American People are tired of wars ten years after invading Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. Its a similar feeling that America had during the Vietnam War. We have our own problems at home, we've already been there a long time and we need to bring that money and those people home. Working in our country and putting people back to work and start solving our own problems. Especially if you look at what the original mission in Afghanistan was. Was to remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan and install new government there. And let Afghanistan figure out what type of government and country they are going to have in the future. And let Afghanistan a big country of 25M people, lightly populated though for it size. Defend themselves, our original mission has already been accomplished. Over 1T$ later, we put all of that money on our National Debt Card and the last ten years our National Debt has piled up. To over 14T$, 90% of our Gross National Product or GDP. And our economy has gotten worse during this period, going through two Economic Recessions. The second we are still trying to recover from and we have our own problems to address. Most of them relating to our economy with the huge National Debt and Deficit. But also as they relate to our lack of Economic and Job Growth but also as they relate to our overstretched military.

The War in Afghanistan is similar to the War in Vietnam but also different. For one thing we've already accomplished our mission in Afghanistan We did that within the first few months of that war, unlike in Vietnam where we never accomplished our mission. After ten years there and losing 100K soldiers there. Ten years in Afghanistan we've lost a few thousand soldiers, still very bad and I'm not trying to diminish that. During the Vietnam War the American Economy started to slow down in the late 1960s 68 or 69. And as we were pulling out of Vietnam for good in the mid 70s. We went through an Economic Recession in 74-75, we finally pulled out of Vietnam in 1975. With President Ford who inherited a lot of problems when he became President in 1974. He had High Unemployment and High Inflation to deal with as well as a recession. But the economy now is in far worst shape thirty five years later then it was in the mid 70s. But the feelings are the same, we've been there a very long time. Why are we still there, we have our own problems in our own country. Its time to bring our troops home. And solve our own problems and put our own people back to work.

What the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have proven in case it wasn't already obvious enough. Is that the American Military can't do everything for everybody. Nor can any other country that there's a limit to even American Power. And that America is still a country that has its own issues to deal with. And we need to solve our own problems and help countries like Afghanistan with things like Foreign Aide. But they need to do the work on their own.

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