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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mitt Romney: "Thanks for Supporting the American Jobs Act": Flip Flopper in Chief

Mitt Romney has become the Republican Party's version of John Kerry from 2003-04 when he was running for President in the Democratic Party. "I was for it before I was against it", which was a big blow to Sen. Kerry and his Presidential Campaign and that line was used against him on the Iraq War. I believe that Sen. Kerry who voted for the Iraq War Resolution in late 2002. After he was probably already at least considering running for President in 2004. Had a very reasonable position on the Iraq War, that he voted for it based on the evidence at the time. And once he learned that there were no WMD in Iraq in 2003, didn't feel great about his vote. And knew it would hurt in the Democratic Primary's in 2004 which it did. That republicans were also used against him in the General Election as well. And that Sen. Kerry didn't like President Bush's and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld handling of the war. I can believe that most of the country and probably Iraq believed that as well. Didn't like how President Bush ran that war, they made a lot of bad mistakes early on. And Sen. Kerry who served in the Navy and is part of the Vietnam War Generation. As well at that point had twenty plus year Foreign Policy experience. But he communicated it very badly, John Kerry and Mitt Romney, both very intelligent and and well qualified men. Are to of the worst Presidential Candidates of all time as far as communicating a clear message. That most of the country can understand.

Mitt Romney has a history of taking positions at one point in his career when they suit him politically. And when they become unpopular later on, feels the need to change is position so its more popular. He has the personality of a Compulsive Politician and when he gets into political trouble. Feels the need to get out of it politically, instead of explaining why he has certain positions. And trying to bring people to his side like a Leader would, Health Care Reform, abortion, Gay Rights all positions. That he used to have a different positions. But now that he's running for President in the Republican Party feels the need to take the opposite position on each of those. And now Infrastructure Investment which is something he used to be in favor of as Governor of Massachusetts. Now feels or says its a waste of money. On paper Mitt Romney if he stuck to his original positions. Abortion, Gay Rights, Healthcare Reform and now jobs, would be the perfect Republican Presidential Candidate but in a General Election. Because he would fit in perfectly with the Republican Party on Economic and Foreign Policy but is moderate to liberal on Social Issues. And could appeal to Independent Voters on Social Issues similar to Ron Reagan.

I have a lot of respect for John Kerry, I proudly voted for him for President in 2004 and he's one of my favorite Senators and Members of Congress. And not just that we have very similar positions on almost all of the issues, we are both Liberal Democrats. And except for the Iraq War Vote, he's known for being very honest especially for a politician. And to Sen. Kerry's credit its really only the Iraq War Vote, where he can be accused of Flip Flopping. At least on a major issue but Mitt Romney is the Republican Party's version of Flip Flopper but on steroids.

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