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Friday, September 30, 2011

"Make Defense Cuts Carefully": Strategic Defense Cuts instead of Slashing Defense

The US Defense Department Budget is over 700B$ in a Federal Budget of 3.7T$ and in an economy of over 14T$. With a Federal Debt and Deficit of over 14T$ and 1.8T$. So of course when we are talking about Deficit Reduction as we should be in this economy. The Defense Budget has to be on the table along with the rest of the Federal Budget. The only question as far as I'm concern, is how we go about it, to we cut back in areas. That we can afford to cut back in without hurting our National Security, as well as in areas where we shouldn't be spending money. Or should we just "Slash and Burn" our Defense Budget because its so big and we spend more on defense then the rest of the World combine. Before you go about cutting the Defense Budget as the Congressional Joint Committee will look at. You should know some facts, we need a National Defense to protect ourselves and help protect our allies. Who don't have the resources to defend themselves and that it takes a lot of money to do this. In the hundreds of billions of dollars every year, the question is what we should be spending this money on. To do these things and where we can afford to cut back and where we should cut back. Because we don't need to be spending money in these areas. And we have a debt of over 14T$ and a deficit of 1.8T$ and we need to cut back in these areas. To help pay down our debt and deficit.

When I look at the Defense Budget, I look at the areas we don't need to be spending money on. My biggest beef with the Defense Budget is the fact that we spend around 200B$ a year. Defending Developed Nations oversees, Europe, the Saudi Kingdom, Japan and Korea. All large economy's and countries that can afford to defend themselves. That just doesn't except for Saudi Arabia and Korea, they don't put in the resources to defend themselves. And instead spend most of their money on their Welfare States instead, while we are going broke at home. And we need to fix our own Social Insurance programs and thats going to take money to do that. Money that we spend oversees instead. So I would like to see us bring those resources home and close those Foreign Bases. Demand that Europe take care of themselves and we can do this. By transforming NATO into the European Defense Alliance or something like that. And bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. To help pay down our debt and deficit and when it comes to Nation Building. Help those nations not by occupying them. But helping them develop their own military's and Law Enforcement so they can defend themselves.

You don't cut things just to cut them or cut everything at the same levels, because you end up cutting the bad as much as the good. But what you do instead, is cut back in areas that you are overspending in. And use those resources to help pay down your debt, as well as spend in areas. Where you should be spending more money on.

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