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Thursday, August 7, 2014

PBS: Charlie Rose Show- Christopher Hitchens- on Bill Clinton in 1999

Source:The Charlie Rose Show- Christopher Hitchens, on the Charlie Rose Show in 1999, talking about President Bill Clinton.
Source:The New Democrat 

"A conversation with journalist Christopher Hitchens about his book "No One Left to Lie To", which investigates the Clinton presidency and his criticisms of Clinton's political compromises and personal scandals." 

Originally from The Charlie Rose Show

This just in- Christopher Hitchens does not like Bill Clinton. Now we return you to your Insomniac Nightly Movie: The Attack of the Killer Popcorn. Ha, ha.

This is no secret and as Chris Hitchens said early on in this interview that he strongly dislikes Bill Clinton. He is also an admitted Democratic Socialist back before Senator Bernie Sanders made that term somewhat cool in America. And represents the Far-Left of the Democratic Party whether he is officially a member of that party or not. And is way to the left of American Liberals and Americans in general. As Hitchens said himself in this interview.

Bill Clinton represents the Center-Left of the Democratic Party and for a long time led that wing of the party that brought the party back to power at the national level in the early 1990s. The New Democrat liberal wing of the party, the wing of the party that I come from as well. The wing of the party that made the party mainstream again on fiscal and economic policy as well. Along with crime, social insurance, national security, trade and you can go down the line. Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party if not hate New Democrats come damn close to that for taking the leadership of the party away from them.

Not saying these are the only reasons that Chris Hitchens does not like Bill Clinton. But I'm also not saying these are not the main reasons either. What I'm saying is that you have to take that in account when you hear charges that Hitch and his allies make about Clinton and other New Democrats. That they call corporatists and sell outs and un-compassionate towards the poor and everything else.

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