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Monday, January 20, 2014

AP: Video: Kelly Daschle: U.S. Eases Sanctions As Iran Implements Nuke Deal

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This is what happens when you negotiate with a country instead of trying to ignore them as if they do not exist. When you give countries including authoritarian states like Iran incentive to behave well and they are not crazy thinking you are simply trying to destroy them, which the current President of the Islāmic Republic seems to believe that, chances are they will behave. Because these states tend to have one thing and goal in mind. Which is to stay in power and doing things to improve their economy gives them the resources to do that. When you say give up your weapons or else and not really even knowing what else is, let alone prepared to do that, or you just keep in the same sanctions that you’ve had for thirty plus years knowing that Iran can get money from other places, they’ll just say what else. And tempt you to try them.

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