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Saturday, December 15, 2012

FRSFreeState: MCAmericanPresident: President Clinton on Columbine and Gun Control in 1999: Time to Grieve and Heal Not Politic

Whenever there's some type of tragedy, especially one involving kids being murdered and gun down especially. In places where you would think they would be safe, gun control advocates use it as another opportunity. To call for gun control, they don't even bother to mention that young people who had their whole lives ahead. Of them were murdered for no reason other then to use that tragedy to call for more gun control. While the people involved in these tragedies and people who are less partisan are just trying to get through this experience. Taking life one day at a time if they can even do that, its not gun control that I have a problem with. As long as its common sense gun control and its Constitutional, its the timing of people who make their advocacy. Especially people if they probably had their way would repeal the second amendment all together and outlaw. Guns in the hands of private citizens all together and completely leaving the power of guns in the hands. Of government which is a scary thought for anyone who believes in Liberal Democracy, because that. Type of thing happens in authoritarian states.

Do we have too many gun tragedies in America, of course we do and do we need better smarter regulations. As well as do a better job of enforcing the laws on our books, yes we do but this tragedy just happened. On Friday, I'm writing this blog on Saturday literally twenty four hours after this tragedy occurred. Imagine if you lost a relative to gun violence, especially a kid son or daughter who was at school of all places. What you would be thinking about twenty four hours after your son or daughter was murdered, gun control. Probably wouldn't be the thing you would be thinking about, you might still be in shock at this point or. Doing whatever you can to help law enforcement investigate this tragedy and find out exactly what happened. And if there's anything you can do to help them, there will be a time to take up gun control and deal. With mental health in America to prevent these tragedies from happening in the future, just not days after. The last tragedy happened, lets give the victims, friends and families time to grieve right now.

There are times to push for policy positions and politics, tragedies are not the best time to do that. Thats the time for the victims and again their friends and families to cope with the tragedy as best as they can. And for everyone else to do what they can to help those people through that tragedy, we are going to have. A brand new Congress in less then a month and a President who just won reelection to work with that Congress. With a Democratic Senate that just added seats and with a Republican House that will have about ten. More Democrats, right now we still have the fiscal cliff to deal with, so before we start to address new issues. How about we finish what's left to do in the current Congress first.