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Saturday, December 1, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America: President Obama Balances Fiscal Cliff, Defense Department Appointment

Chuck Hagel would be an interesting pick and someone that Senate Republicans the minority party there. Would have about an impossible time trying to block, because Chuck Hagel is a Republican and a former US Senator. As well as a Vietnam War veteran and someone who works very well with Democrats and respected on both sides.

The Hill: Mike Lillis: House Minority Leader Pelosi: To Try To Force Vote on Extending Middle-Class Tax Rates

House Dems try to force vote on extending middle-class tax rates - The Hill's On The Money

This could work in a couple ways, it could force Speaker Boehner to hold a vote on extending the middle class tax rates. With what's called a Discharge Petition, where the Minority Leader sends out a DP to the entire House to force a vote on a particular bill. When the majority is denying the minority a vote on something they want to do, these things rarely pass but there. Might be enough House Republicans who are in the lets get this behind us mood and take care of the middle class right now. So we can move on to other issues, like what we do with spending and the other 2% and their tax rates. Or Speaker Boehner might decide fearing that the Discharge Petition either passes or it has enough support to embarrass. The House Republican leadership and agree to extending the middle class tax rates on his own, meaning. Holding a vote on it, which could cause a problem with Leader Eric Cantor but he may rather have that. Fight instead by that point.