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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Slate: Republicans Anti Abortion Stances

Don't tell me you are against Big Government or the Federal Government is too big, when you believe Government should be telling. People what they can and can't do with their own bodies, once Government can control what we can do with our own bodies or how we can spend our own money. Or can control our money with high taxes and regulations, they have all of the power over us. Big Government is not just about taxing, spending and regulating a lot but the ability for Government. To control who people live their own lives.

The Economist: US Election Latest: Back to business

Virginia is moving right now towards President Obama after Mitt Romney was leading for the last few weeks. And North Carolina is getting closer after again Governor Romney having a lead there the last few weeks. These are two States that Mitt Romney has to win or he can't win the Presidential Election, since the winner is the person who wins the Electoral College and President Obama. Still holds a lead in Ohio, these polls are all tight but with the President having leads in Republican States. That Mitt Romney has to win.

The New Republic: John McWorter: What Are President Obama’s African American Critics Talking About?

What Are President Obama’s Black Critics Talking About? | The New Republic

I believe African American criticism of President Obama is on two fronts, one having to do with Progressive Democrats. In the community who are disappointed that along with other Progressive Democrats, African American or non African American, that President Obama is not the Progressive or. Socialist that Right Wingers claim that he is and that Progressives thought they were getting, this disappointment. Is pretty clear in the Congressional Black Caucus and other organizations and the other disappointment. Comes from Religious Conservatives in the African American community, who are unhappy with President Obama's stances on Gay Rights and that he supports Gay Rights. African Americans Ministers who are opposed to Same Sex Marriage and homosexuality to begin with. So there are African Americans who are disappointed with President Obama on multiple fronts.

The Hill: Russell Berman: Emergency Officials: Sandy Will be 'Long-Duration Event,' Election Impact Unclear

Emergency officials: Sandy will be 'long-duration event,' election impact unclear - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

The Northeast got slammed by Hurricane Sandy