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Saturday, October 27, 2012

ABC News: Nightline: Cynthia McFadden: Inside the New Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan is really nothing more then an American Terrorist Group, with the goal of making America. A purely Caucasian European nation, they are not a Civil Rights group for Caucasian Americans but a groups that preaches that Caucasians are simply better then all non Caucasians and are. Superior purely because of their race.

AP: Mitt Romney Calls for Political Cooperation

I gotta say Mitt Romney has a lot of balls, after running a very negative campaign where he's spent. So much time attacking his opponent and saying things that are simply untrue and has been called out on his false statements and hasn't offered much if any vision of what a Romney Presidency. Would look like, other then to look at what he has done in his business career and the four years he spent as Governor of Massachusetts, to now call for the country to come together and to. Ignore all of that, I gotta say that takes a lot of balls but again we are talking about the guy who has called President Obama a failure as a Commander in Chief and is now going out of his way. To agree with the President when it comes to Foreign Policy.

The Hill: Mario Trujillo: After Bush v Gore, Obama, Clinton Backed Electoral College Reforms

After Bush v Gore, Obama, Clinton backed Electoral College reforms - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

We should amend the Electoral College, with an amendment that would say to win the Presidential Election. You have to not only win the Electoral College but win the Popular Vote as well, along with another amendment that would say, that someone would have to win 60% or more of the vote. To win all of the votes for the Electoral College, so if someone were to win less then 60% of the vote in lets say Indiana. They would be awarded with the percentage of the votes that they won, along with their opponents. If you simply eliminate the Electoral College all together and go to a Popular Vote to decide the Presidential Election, small States like North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Idaho and so fourth, wouldn't be important. At all candidates would simply ignore those States but with a system that I suggested, not only would the votes in the Electoral College be important but the Popular Vote would be important as well. Candidates would try to not only win States but win them by the largest margins possible, because every vote would be important. And then if one candidate were to win the Electoral College and the other wins the Popular Vote, we would have a runoff with the top two candidates and the runoff would be decided by a Popular Vote.